Ranch from John Wayne’s Classic ‘True Grit’ Hits Market for Massive Sum

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Sunset Boulevard/Corbis via Getty Images

Fans of Western movies, John Wayne, and good old-fashioned ranches can finally unite.

One of the landmark films of the Western genre is “True Grit,” a 1969 movie starring John Wayne in his prime. The movie follows a U.S. Marshal and a Texas ranger as they try to help a teenager track down their father’s murderer deep in Native American territory.

The movie stars Wayne alongside Glen Campbell and Kim Darby. In order to really tap into the spirit of the Old West, the movie was filmed in Placerville, Colorado. It’s seated right near the San Juan Mountains.

‘True Grit’ Ranch Property for Sale

Specifically, several scenes take place at a 374-acre property, which has been very carefully preserved over the years. The original charm of the land and the iconic buildings are still very much intact. In addition to keeping around the oldies, the property also built a stunning modern cabin that sits in the distance. This is in an effort to not disturb a part of its 1960s appeal.

All in all, you only have to cough up $10,950,000 for the property, according to Realtor.com. It’s a small price to pay to place yourself on the scene of “True Grit.”

In fact, it looks pretty eerily similar to the way it did in the 1969 film. The original barn, outbuilding, and ranch house all sit in the same place with very few changes to the exterior. That ranch building isn’t quite a place worth living as of now, especially if you just dished out close to $11 million.

Rather, luxury is just a tad out of the frame. The ranch has a brand-new luxury cabin that was built in 2019 and is 6,200 square feet. It is a five-bedroom, seven-bathroom rustic masterpiece full of high ceilings and gorgeous woodwork.

One of the most gorgeous rooms is the two-story living area with a stone fireplace that stretches all the way to the top of the high ceiling. There are also floor-to-ceiling windows that show off the absolutely breathtaking view of the mountains in the distance. It’s every outdoorsy person’s dream and it’s all the perfect balance of nature, luxury, and old-fashioned rustic dreams.

You would also have the perfect level of isolation. The ranch is 30 miles from the popular town of Telluride.

It’s got quite a bit of glam added to its original “True Grit,” but it’s as reminiscent of John Wayne and Westerns as ever before.

John Wayne’s Home

The “True Grit” ranch is also reminiscent of somewhere Wayne would live during his life. He once owned a five-acre ranch in Encino. Eventually, he moved south and ended up in Newport Beach, California. He had a stunning house facing right along the water. Wayne lived there for 14 years.

When it came to interior decorating, Wayne put emphasis on what he enjoyed seeing scattered on the walls or filling up living spaces. It didn’t matter if it appealed to other people.

“Look, I find things that appeal to me, and I try to blend them in here. I don’t give a da*n whether anyone else likes them or not. But I think I’ve done a pretty fair job,” Wayne said to Architectural Digest in 1977.