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Watch: Reba McEntire’s New ‘Fancy’ Dance Remix Has Instagram Going Wild

by Outsider
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Reba McEntire’s hit song “Fancy” is her most well-known track. The song has gotten a new lease on life with a special version that recently hit Instagram.

Reba took to her Instagram account to share the rousing remix, which will surely get you up on your feet.


“The brand new #Fancy dance remix music video is out now! Link in bio to watch,” Reba wrote alongside a video clip of the song. In just two days, the clip amassed 63,490 views and tons of comments as people gushed over how much they love it.

“I love this!!” wrote Instagram user @spiritedsongstress. “I’ll still never understand how you were able to sing while up in the air like that! I’d have been shaking so hard no one would be able to understand the words! Lol!”

“Love this so much,” wrote user @cameronbates121.

The Story Behind “Fancy”

While “Fancy” is an interesting track for Reba, she didn’t write it. Bobbie Gentry wrote and recorded the track in 1969. Reba McEntire covered it in 1990 and the track ended up surpassing Gentry’s by a wide margin. McEntire took the song and made a smash hit music video out of it.

It follows her character, Fancy Rae Baker, who’s a singer and actress. She sings about spending most of her life in poverty. In the song, a “benevolent man” ends up taking her in, which turns into a metaphor for prostitution — it’s implied that Fancy is working to make a better life for herself and her family by selling her body.

“Fancy” continues to be an enduring hit, and the new dance remix is helping to cement its legacy even further. Plus, you can dance to it in a totally different way now thanks to its modern transformation.

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