Reba McEntire Talks Sharing Screen With Boyfriend Rex Linn in Upcoming Projects

by Blake Ells
(Photo by ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images)

Reba McEntire is bringing along her boyfriend Rex Linn for ABC’s Big Sky and Lifetime’s The Hammer. And there’s a revival of Reba in the works. Maybe he can join her there, too?

“We can write something in for him,” she joked to Deadline. “The gardener?”

“I’m a good gardener,” Linn chimed in. “I can play the gardener who is always outside and out of focus while Reba’s talking – every episode.”

Reba McEntire says that the reboot is on hold largely because it’s difficult to coordinate everyone’s schedule. But in the meantime, she is reuniting with her Reba co-star Mellisa Peterman. And Linn is there, too. That’s for the new Lifetime movie, The Hammer. In the film, Reba McEntire plays Kim Wheeler, an attorney who has been appointed as a traveling judge in Nevada.

“I absolutely loved playing [Peterman’s sister],” McEntire said. “We’ve been together so long that when she starts something, I fall into that sidekick role. I know that to get her into it, I just have to give her a look and she gets into high gear. We have the best time together. And playing this serious role instead of a comedy was refreshing for us and we hope to do more of it.”

Reba McEntire Stars Alongside Boyfriend Rex Linn

In The Hammer, Reba McEntire’s real life boyfriend portrays a cowboy named Bart Crawford. She says he brought a lot to the role.

“[He brought to the character] attitude too throughout the process of filming,” Reba said. “We didn’t know whether he was going to be a love interest, a father looking out for his son’s best interest, or a suspect in the murder. He was filling three bills there.”

Reba McEntire is proud of the film because she was able to share the story of a strong woman.

“That’s why I loved this script so much,” Reba said. “Judge Wanker is a very strong woman in a very tough state who travels 25k miles and covers three or four courthouses – that’s a tough lady. Sometimes she’s by herself and sometimes she has her baliff go with her. I love strong women, whether it’s a song, a play, a movie or a TV show. I like to portray strong women.”

Reba added: “I think it’s a great thing for young girls to watch and to have ladies they can look up to like I look up to like Judge Wanker.”

There is no premiere date set for the film. In the meantime, Reba McEntire is alongside her boyfriend, Rex Linn, in ABC’s Big Sky. Maybe she’ll figure out a way to write him into the Reba reboot, too. That revival seems a certainty, if only everyone can find the time.