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Reba McEntire Is Standing up Against Bullying on #SpiritDay

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS via Getty Images

Reba McEntire is standing up against bullying. In a Twitter post, the country singer urged her followers to support Spirit Day by wearing purple and donating.

McEntire shared a photo of herself wearing purple in tribute to the day. She also wrote, “Today is #SpiritDay Go purple with me if you’re against bullying!”

McEntire has previously supported the awareness day in years past. The LGBTQ organization GLAAD promotes Spirit Day since it started in 2010. The awareness day is held every third Thursday in October, according to the organization. Brittany McMillan created the holiday after several gay students committed suicide due to bullying at school and in their communities.

Reba McEntire Supports The LGBTQ Community

McEntire has long been an ally of the LGBTQ community. In an interview with Between the Lines, she discussed one of her good friends coming out as gay. She also talked about going to a wedding for her friends Michael and Steven.

“I just went to my first gay wedding a couple of months ago in California for Michael and Steven, my two great friends,” she told the outlet in 2015. “They’ve been together for 20 years! I thought that it was not fair, and I didn’t understand why they couldn’t get married. It wasn’t because they just wanted to get married. If one of them had gotten injured and gone to the hospital, the other one couldn’t make decisions for them. It’s very upsetting. It’s not only for convenience or for romantic reasons – it’s for practicality. For practical reasons! I get a kick out of what Dolly said: ‘Why shouldn’t they get married and be as miserable as the rest of us?'”

McEntire has also been vocal about her stance against bullying. In 2010, she wrote on Facebook, “On the subject of bullying: treat people like u want them to treat you. Sound familiar?”