Red Lobster Accepting Applications for a ‘Chief Biscuit Officer’ That Will Influence New Menu Items

by Evan Reier

There’s plenty of delicious seafood at Red Lobster, but everyone knows that the best part of the meal is the Cheddar Bay Biscuits.

Bread before the entree for any meal is the best, but the folks over at Red Lobster may do it the best. Cheddar Bay Biscuits coming out, warm, golden and wafting the scent of cheesy goodness is a siren’s call for carbs.

Where other chain restaurants bring out a loaf of sliced bread or just don’t offer it at all, the seafood giant goes above and beyond. Cheddar Bay Biscuits are something that all pieces of pre-entree bread should aspire to be.

I’m not alone in my fandom, and Red Lobster knows this. In fact, the brand is now letting one lucky fan take their passion to the next level with the announcement of their ‘Chief Biscuit Officer’ position.

According to, the “Big Cheese” sweepstakes are here with the timely occurrence of National Biscuit Day on May 14. Today I learned there was a National Biscuit Day, and I have no complaints.

So, what exactly does the Chief Biscuit Officer do? Well, the most notable of responsibilities is that they get a first chance to assess new menu items that are hitting the Red Lobster table. From there, it’s really just enjoying the perks of the title.

That includes $1000 in gift cards to Red Lobster and VIP treatment at a local Red Lobster of your choice. Of course, free biscuits are also on the menu, as the chain will give you extra biscuits every time you order delivery or to-go. Not too shabby.

How to Become the ‘Chief Biscuit Officer’ of Red Lobster

As to be expected, a classic resume submission isn’t going to work here. In fact, an average joe can’t even get the position.

To be in the running, you have to be a Gold or Platinum My Red Lobster Rewards member. It only makes sense that a position so important goes to someone who’s put in the time and shell-cracking.

If you happen to be a member, you will receive a free entry on the Red Lobster app. You can earn additional entries for each time you order from the app. However, there is a max of two entries per day.

Not a member? Don’t worry, you’re not out of it yet. The competition starts on May 14 and ends on the 28th. You can sign up, get your gold status and give yourself a chance at the title of a lifetime.