Reese’s Reportedly Launching Big Cup Candy Filled With Potato Chips

by Thad Mitchell
Photo by Jeffrey Green for Getty Image

Lovers of sweet-and-salty candy might soon have reason to rejoice as Hershey’s Reese’s brand plans to release a new snack, according to

Instagram account @junkfoodleaks_ revealed the new treat will be a Reese’s Peanut Butter Big Cup with potato chips filling the inside.

Though Hershey’s has yet to officially introduce the product, Junk Food Leaks is a reliable source, according to The instagram account previously leaked the release of M&M Fudge Brownie, Kit Kat Birthday Cake and Nerds Gummy Clusters.

The new candy will consist of the traditional milk chocolate big cup with salty potato chips joining the creamy peanut butter center. Two cups will come in each pack and potato chips are spread evenly through each to ensure each bite sweet, salty and crunchy. Junk Food Leaks speculates the candy will be available soon, though no official release date has been set.

“This creation, which will be available soon I believe, is pretty spot-on and well worth it if you like salty,” the Instagram caption reads. “It is too small of a chip ratio to really get as much as you’d need. What would be better is one big chip in the center of the cup. Other than that, it’s cool and it’s good; bit I’m definitely not selecting this instead of the classic one.”

Stuffing edible goodies into peanut butter cups is nothing new to the Reese’s brand. Reese’s has previously released Big Cups stuffed with Reese’s Pieces and cookie crumbles. The stuffed cup offerings have been some of the most popular items put out by Hershey’s. New items also provide a boost in sales as never-seen-before treats hit the market for the very first time.

While it’s not yet known when this treat will be available, candy fans are already eagerly awaiting its arrival.