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Former NFL Star Reggie Bush on Donald Trump’s COVID-19 Diagnosis: ‘It’s All a Game’

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Meg Oliphant/Getty Images)

Former NFL running back Reggie Bush said he believes President Donald Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis is actually a cover for his “disastrous debate” performance. Bush sent several tweets Friday speculating whether Trump truly has coronavirus.

“Teflon Don just wants the attention on him. Now the entire world will be on Trump watch. Now you test positive? After all the rallies with no masks you held, now you conveniently catch COVID after that disastrous debate?,” the former USC and New Orleans Saints star tweeted.


President Trump tweeted early Friday he and First Lady Melania Trump were diagnosed with COVID-19. Since then, Trump has been admitted to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for treatment. He will stay there for a few days, but aides said it was just a precautionary move, USA Today reported.

But Bush thinks it’s all suspicious. For instance, he replied to a tweet agreeing with his assessment of Trump’s medical prognosis.

“Exactly now he won’t be available for questioning, can’t do debates, he’s going to disappear for 14 days while the world thinks he may die, YEAH RIGHT!!!! It’s all a game and it’s all a reality tv show that’s what reality tv stars do they keep the attention on them at all costs,” he tweeted.


Trump is to debate former Vice President Joe Biden on Oct. 15. The final debate will take place a week later on Oct. 22.

Pundits called their first debate earlier this week chaotic and confusing. Moderator Chris Wallace scolded both candidates for interrupting the other person. Wallace has since blamed Trump for the debate devolving into chaos, Forbes reported.

Fans react to Reggie Bush calling out Trump

Reggie Bush’s fans were split over the comments. Some taking him to task for spreading conspiracy theories while others said they also had suspicions.