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Rescuers Attempt to Save ‘Rock Climber’ But It Turned Out to Be Movie Prop

by Amy Myers
(Photo by George Rose/Getty Images)

This story is a true cliffhanger. After responding to a call near Hope Ranch Beach, Santa Barbara rescuers rews quickly found that the rock climber in distress was a true dummy. According to the report, the well-meaning witness spotted the ascendent on Monday just before 4 p.m. Upon peering over the edge of the cliff, the bystander saw a woman hanging 30 feet below with no rope or safety equipment attaching her to the rockface. Although, it appears the mannequin did have a helmet.

After receiving the concerned call, Santa Barbara responded by deploying multiple rescue teams, including UTVs, drones, engines and trucks. Rescuers were ready to use every piece of equipment possible to safely retrieve the stranded individual. However, upon further inspection, they realized their victim wasn’t real at all. Apparently, the dummy was a leftover movie prop from a film set that used the location several days prior. The cast had supposedly forgotten to strike the stray mannequin from the scene, causing bystanders to fear for the doll’s safety.

A Santa Barbara newscaster updated locals on the harrowing-turned-hilarious tale, reminding citizens that it’s “Better to call than not!”

Needless to say, fellow Twitter users were quick to add their own jokes about the non-emergency call.

“Oh she’s gonna fall… everyone looks down at her assumed point of impact,” one creative user wrote. “But NO! She’s miraculously grabbed ahold of a tree down below with amazing grip strength and is holding tight!! She gets rescued by a crash test dummy. They kiss as the credits roll. The end.”

Readers Debate Consequences of Film Crew, Rescuers in Japan Face Similar Situation

Meanwhile, others wondered if the Santa Barbara film crew would receive any reprimand for neglecting to remove the dummy. Along with possible littering, the perpetrators could receive a fine for the use of the various emergency rescuers and equipment.

“Curious if there were any consequences (hopefully massive financial ones) to the party or organization who left the mannequin there?” the person queried.

Earlier this year, a similar situation occurred in Japan when a woman spotted a nude person drowning near the city of Hachinohe. The witness called for rescuers right away. Just as in Santa Barbara, she quickly realized that this wasn’t a person. However, this was no movie prop.

This was a sex doll.

“While filming a fishing video, I thought a dead body floating in the water had washed up, but it was a blow-up doll,” the witness said.

Unfortunately, rescuers were already on their way to save the person in peril, and all anyone could do was watch crews bring the submerged doll ashore. Arriving on the scene was a mix of fire and rescue brigades, police officers and an ambulance.

Although these situations were surely a waste of effort, at least no one was in any real danger.