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Retired Detective Raises Money for Fallen NYPD Officers Through Clothing Business

by Amanda Glover
(Photo by Eren Abdullahogullari/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

On February 2, NYPD Officer and Detective Wilbert Mora were one of two fallen police officers who died of gunshot wounds after responding to a 911 call. Today, a retired detective raises money for the families of the fallen officers through a clothing business.

While responding to a domestic violence call, 22-year-old Mora and 27-year-old Rivera were shot and killed. Rivera died the day of the shooting and Mora died four days later. Thousands attended both of their funerals on January 28.

Andrew Liakos is a retired NYPD narcotics detective and owner of Midnight Platoon Clothing. He created a memorial tribute line called “Fidelis Ad Mortem.” This Latin phrase translates to “faithful to death.”  

On Tuesday, February 1st, Liakos spoke with “Fox & Friends” to discuss his company and the purpose of the clothing line.

“Being in law enforcement, everyone [who] took that oath knows the risk. We don’t want that to ever happen to us, but we’re willing to do what it takes to keep the city safe,” Liakos said during the segment on Tuesday.

So far, Midnight Platoon Clothing sold over 3,000 T-shirts.

“I put a lot of work into it. Along the years I’ve learned all the different brushes in Photoshop. I’m a perfectionist and these two men, they deserve everything I had to give. A lot of other companies will take a batch off the website, but we basically shade everything by hand and make sure everything is perfect,” said Liakos.

Liakos said how much he appreciates the love and support the company is getting. At Outsider, we hope the business continues to flourish.

Widow of Fallen NY Police Officer Speaks At Funeral

Dominique Luzuriaga, the widow of fallen NYPD cop Jason Rivera, attended the funeral of her late husband’s partner.

The two were high school sweethearts and only married for three months before Rivera’s death. At his funeral, she recalls the horrific moment she received a cellphone alert about two officers being shot. When Rivera failed to answer his phone, Luzuriaga tried his partner to no avail.

The week of her husband’s funeral, the fallen officer’s wife criticized Manhattan District Attorney, Alvin Bragg during her husband’s eulogy.

“This system continues to fail us. We are not safe anymore, not even the members of the service. I know you were tired of these laws, especially the ones from the new DA. I hope he’s [Rivera] watching you speak through me right now,” she said. After her speech, she received a standing ovation from the crowd.

On Tuesday, Luzuriaga thanked Mora for supporting her husband. Her sweet post reads, “Although I never met you, thank you for always being eager to work with my angel. Regardless of him being a rookie.”

We give our condolences to the families of the fallen officers and wish them luck in their healing.