Ridiculous Training Video for Truckers in the ’80s Resurfaces and It’s As Wild as You’d Think

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo By John Prieto/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

Look, it was the 1980s. I mean, I didn’t live through it, but from what I have heard this old video of two truckers is a good representation.

Big hair, bright clothes, attractive women, and…a commercial driver’s license? Well, most of that stuff is accurate. Recruiting efforts in the trucking industry were a little desperate back in the 80s.

Just watch this wild throwback that almost seems like a weird fever dream.


Training videos were different in the 80’s 😂😂 #cdl #trainingvideo #cowtruck

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“Chances to see new places and meet new people,” the Conway Twitty knockoff says in the video. “Maybe even spend the day on the beach, like this.”As the man talks up the pros of getting a CDL, his older friend sits in a chair next to him, snoozing away. Meanwhile, two women in bikinis patiently wait to ask the men a question.

“We were just wondering if this beautiful truck belonged to you gentlemen,” the woman on the left said. Of course, the old, sleeping man perked right up. This whole thing reads like it was supposed to be some kind of film for adults. It really is a bizarre video.

I haven’t looked at the numbers but the industry had to be struggling in the 80s. A national trucker shortage, perhaps like the one now. There is no other reason this video should exist besides pure desperation.

But…maybe I should look into getting a CDL…just in case.

Truckers Have A Hard Job

Look, a CDL might help you get respect, let you travel the country, have a beach day, and get women to like you. However, truckers have a hard job. My dad used to drive a truck and the long weeks on the road, hundreds of miles driven each day, all that is hard on a person. Physically and mentally. If it isn’t a thousand other drivers on the road that they have to worry about, it’s something else.

One of the trickiest situations truckers get into, crossing railroad tracks. There are many ways that a semi-truck can become stuck and stall on tracks. That is never good. At best it delays the driver and causes a backup in traffic. At worst, someone or multiple people could be hurt or possibly die. Things got hairy for one truck driver in Texas recently. While carrying an oversized load, a wind turbine, the semi-truck got stuck on the tracks.

Soon after, the caution lights turned on and barrier arms came down. The truck was a sitting duck. In a few moments, the truck and trailer were absolutely demolished by the speeding train. While the train suffered damage it has been approved to be back on the tracks. No injuries were originally reported.