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Ridiculously Large Burger King Chicken Sandwich Leaves Fast Food Fans Shocked

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Yichuan Cao/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

A curiously large version of Burger King’s famous Ch’King sandwich has TikTok users equally delighted, intrigued, and terrified.

The astoundingly super-sized version of Burger King’s popular chicken sandwich took over the internet earlier this month when TikTok user taylorprice943 posted a video of the humongous version of the popular fast-food chain’s signature sandwich.

In the now-viral-video, a Burger King customer inspects the sandwich which consists of an abnormally large piece of fried chicken.

Without a doubt, the huge piece of chicken is placed between two normal-sized buns. However, while sandwiching the oversized piece of meat, the buns appear to be pretty small.

Trying To Make Sense of the Huge Piece Of Chicken

“What the hell is that thing?” you can hear someone remark in the viral video that now has 370 thousand likes.


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“It’s not supposed to be that big,” responds the man who is holding the chicken in between laughs; as he subsequently tries to decipher just how, exactly, they are to begin eating the humongous chicken sandwich.

Of course, Burger King does market this popular menu item as one of the largest sandwiches it has to offer. However, it’s clear from the looks of this particular helping this chicken sandwich was quite a bit bigger than most.

Of course, this unique Burger King Ch’King sandwich has sent TikTok users, and of course, fast food connoisseurs into a tizzy. Many of whom tried to make sense of the monster-sized serving.

This astonishing – and delicious – footage now has well over two million views. In fact, judging by many of the comments, viewers are unsure of what to make of the sandwich.

“That’s the whole chicken,” notes TikTok user commander.erwinsmith of Burger King’s unique Ch’King sandwich.

“It’s a whole rotisserie chicken,” agreed Edwinenriquezz.

Was This a Lucky Burger King Find?

Some TikTok commenters didn’t see any issue with the gigantic Ch’King sandwich, noting that the Burger King customer had stumbled upon something quite amazing.

“You’re living a blessed life,” Stefan Johnson commented on the viral video.

While some of the people commenting on the viral TikTok post were focusing only on the gargantuan helping, others, however, were a little concerned about the quality of something that large.

“Ain’t no way that’s cooked inside,” forewarns cmp570.

Some viewers of this now famous – or infamous – chicken sandwich noted that the extremely large helping most likely contained little chicken. At least, no more than Burger King includes in the menu item.

However, one TikTok user retphonix16, said they had previously worked at the popular fast-food chain. This commenter notes that there’s no reason to be concerned about how well the sandwich was cooked. The massive serving was likely the result of over battering.

Which, it turns out, is exactly what the sandwich was.

“For everyone that’s worried about it being undercooked, it was not undercooked,” notes taylorprice943 in a follow-up video. “It was definitely cooked fine.”