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RNC in Charlotte: 4 People Test Positive for COVID-19

by Jack T. Wilder
RNC-in-Charlotte: 4-People-Test-Positive-for-COVID-19
(Photo by Octavio Jones/Getty Images)

The party may be over but the virus keeps on going as 4 people test positive for COVID-19, says the Charlotte Observer

Apparently, two Republican National Convention attendees and two staff tested positive for the virus. Mecklenburg County and GOP officials announced the news on Friday.

Almost all of the convention took place virtually or somewhere else. But 336 Republican delegates filed into the Charlotte convention center Monday to nominate President Donald Trump as the party’s 2020 candidate.

Trump also made a surprise appearance at the event.

No Masks. No Social Distancing.

The news comes after many people reported about a lack of social distancing and mask wearing during the roll-call vote in Charlotte on Monday. Health protocols were seemingly not followed at the event. However, the GOP is defending itself against the criticism.

The 4 infected GOP members were told by officials to isolate immediately. Other people who came into contact with the four were also advised to quarantine themselves.

800 People Locally Tested in Charlotte for COVID-19

No one knows how many people might have been have been exposed to the coronavirus at the RNC. The Charlotte Observer is reporting that almost 800 people were tested locally for the event.

Apparently, the two infected attendees drove home after learning of their positive tests, GOP spokeswoman Blair Ellis said.

A Historic Week for the GOP

The positive Covid-19 tests capped a week of chaos and excitement for Republicans.

On Tuesday night Donald Trump Jr. gave a speech that many saw as off the rails and possibly related to drug use which he denied.

On Thursday night Melania Trump set off the entire universe with her bright green neon dress which quickly got turned into a meme.