RNC: Melania Trump Appears To Give Ivanka a Cold Look, Social Media Snaps Screenshots

by Caroline Bynum

Social media users are posting screenshots Friday of a seemingly cold look Melania Trump made during a brief glance towards Ivanka. President Trump’s eldest daughter gave opening remarks on Thursday for her father’s renomination acceptance speech, then walked across the stage, sharing a (now extremely analyzed) moment with Melania.

Twitter users are having a field day posting jokes about the supposedly sour look, coupled with images and videos of the interaction.

Some joke that, without a doubt, Ivanka must have whispered something unkind as she passed, resulting in the interesting face by Melania.

Another posted an edited version of the video, to emphasize the quick change in visible emotion even more.

Comedian Dana Goldberg said simply, “This was so weird.” Her tweet and video now have over 130 thousand likes.

Additionally, another user wrote Melania’s smile seemed to say, “I only like you because I have to.”