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RNC: Melania Trump’s Green Dress Set off Social Media

by Matthew Wilson
RNC Melania Trump's Green Dress Set off Social Media
Photo credit: Brendan Smialowski / AFP

She may have been going for high fashion Thursday at the Republican National Convention. But Melania Trump’s dress ended up a meme online. The first lady attended the president’s acceptance of the Republican Party’s nomination in a bright green dress. Unfortunately, the internet quickly figured out the dress was also the same shade as a green screen.

As a result, people began overlaying the dress with different images including coronavirus charts and statistics of the current death toll. The Trump administration has been criticized for its response to the pandemic and lack of preparation.

As a result, Melania Trump’s green dress became a meme on Twitter.

Trevor Noah and The Daily Show also created a meme. They overlaid the dress with a video of Donald Trump talking with Jeffrey Epstein. A financier, Epstein was arrested for organizing a child sex trafficking ring but died in his jail cell last August. In the tweet, Noah also wrote: “Melania’s fashion choices always send a message.”

Melania Trump has made bizarre fashion choices before.

A Twitter user overlaid images of children in an immigration detention center, as a result of the Trump administration’s immigration policies. Melania Trump’s fashion choices have drew criticize before. For instance, in 2018 she decided to visit children separated from their parents at the Mexican border. During the visit, she wore a jacket that said “I really don’t care, do u?”

In particular, the jacket left some wondering if she was trying to convey a message.

Another Twitter user decided to make Melania Trump a supporter of her husband’s political rival for presidency, Joe Biden.

For the RNC, the first lady also made a 25-minute keynote speech in the Rose Garden on Tuesday. She addressed the protests against police brutality and racism and called for the end to violence and looting.

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