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Road Rage Motorist Attacks Another With Piece of Wreckage After Crash

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Jeff Gritchen/MediaNews Group/Orange County Register via Getty Images)

The moment you enter a car, driver or passenger, you’re suddenly faced with a number of different risks.

From risky weather conditions to high-speed accidents, driving can sometimes be a pretty scary situation. Not to mention, you can’t control what choices or actions the other people on the road make. There’s no telling what some people will do when faced with a high-stress situation, which is where road rage comes to play.

For two men in Auckland, New Zealand, it’s an experience very close to home.

Road Rage Incident in New Zealand

Video footage captured the two men chasing each other on the side of the road. It seems as though the two men first got into an altercation while in their cars. They were seen bumping together side-by-side at a high speed. The Nissan is seen sharply swerving and then ramming into the Toyota on purpose.

A Twitter user shared the entire video with the caption, “I can’t believe this all unfolded in front of me.”

The road rage didn’t end within the walls of the cars, however. One of the men from the incident is chasing the other with a piece of wreckage held over his head like a dangerous head-smashing club. He is heard saying, “I’m going to f*** you up!” as he tried to catch up with the other.

It’s not clear whether or not he caught up. All the footage of the road rage incident is taken from people stuck in the traffic jam caused by the entire rage-filled occasion.

According to the New Zealand Herald, police are aware of the entire situation.

“Police did attend an incident on the South-Western motorway yesterday afternoon involving a crash between two vehicles, however when we attended there was only one vehicle left at the scene which was blocking the Puhinui Road offramp … Police have subsequently been made aware of this footage and we are making further enquiries to establish the full circumstances surrounding this incident,” a statement read.

Recent Florida Road Rage Incident

Sadly, there is no shortage of road rage incidents that occur each year.

According to SafeMotorist, there are a total of 12,610 injuries as well as 218 murders that were attributed to road rage during a seven-year period in the U.S. Also, there are 2% of drivers have admitted to purposefully running an aggressor off the road.

An article by the Associated Press shared a scary incident that occurred in Tampa, Florida.

A man named Stephen Saunders followed a car that cut him off in traffic. He then proceeded to get out of the car, yell at the teenager in the other car, and hit her in the face. The 16-year-old has bruises and soreness on her jaw following the attack.

Police were able to find the man due to his highly recognizable car. He faces charges of felony burglary of a conveyance with assault or battery.