Robert Irwin Battles Angry Bird That Attacks Him in New Video

by Jacklyn Krol

Robert Irwin shared an intense video of a bird encounter gone wrong.

The curlew named Emily has become a fixture on his social media accounts. This time, she got even more feisty and attempted to attack Robert. Despite his last post saying that he might have seen some progress, it didn’t work out.

“Ok so our program has definitely taken a turn for the worse,” he captioned the clip.

“We have really gone downhill. The anger management plan has not worked,” he told the camera. “Are you done? Okay you’ve got skin now.” Emily is not happy with him and nipped at him but he took it in stride. He hasn’t given up on his bird in training just yet!

On January 26, Robert Irwin introduced the world to Emily in an Instagram post.

“Welcome to the ‘Emily The Curlew Anger Management Series’ – part 1. This hilarious little character is a completely wild curlew that lives on one of our conservation reserves in the remote Aussie outback. She’s not guarding a nest, doesn’t have a mate to defend – she’s just got A LOT of attitude! More to come in this series,” he wrote at the time.

Hopefully, we’ll get more updates on Emily and see her ferociousness die down a bit.

Watch the video clip, below.

Robert Irwin on Being the ‘Funcle’

Robert Irwin isn’t just an uncle, he’s fun too!

In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, the zoo ambassador discussed what it is like to be a first time uncle. His sister Bindi welcomed her first child, a daughter named Grace.

“I think I’m gonna remain the funcle for a while,” he admitted. “Don’t get me wrong, Grace is an absolute legend, I just.. I love her to bits. She is amazing. I’m the proudest uncle ever. She’s so much fun, but wow it’s a lot. It is a lot. It is definitely a lot. And Bindi and Chandler [Powell] have absolutely taken it in their stride. They are such incredible parents, taking Grace on all the adventures, including her in everything. I’m honored that I get to be part of her life and I can’t wait for all the adventures to come. I am a very, very proud uncle.”

Although the zoo is a big part of their relationship, he is already teaching her other valuable life and fun skills.

“I’m teaching her how to play the guitar and how to just love life at Australia Zoo. She’ll be wrangling animals in no time, so it’s very exciting, but yeah, for me, yeah it’s uncle life for quite a while.”