Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Fires Back at Critics On Twitter

by Jennifer Shea

Like everyone else, New York City’s Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is having a rough year. 

The holiday tree got hammered by online critics who slammed its appearance upon its arrival in Manhattan on Nov. 14, the New York Post reports. True to stereotype, many New Yorkers piped up with mean comments. 

Tweeps Hammer Christmas Tree

“Is it me or does that tree seem… underwhelming?” asked Twitter user Mets Burner Phone.

Some people compared it to the Christmas tree in “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” Others wondered what happened to it, or said it looked half-dead already.

“Wtf is that!?!?! Lmfaoo,” replied another Twitter user.

But other tweeps around the world chimed in to suggest people give the tree time to settle, considering it had been wrapped up several days for transport. And some people chided the naysayers for their negativity during the holiday season.

‘Just Wait,’ Replies the Tree

Finally, the tree itself spoke up.

“Wow, you all must look great right after a two-day drive, huh?” the Rockefeller Center clapped back on Nov. 18, speaking as the tree. “Just wait until I get my lights on! See you on December 2!”

That drew more critiques from unrepentant Internet critics. Many tweeps eviscerated the Rockefeller Center for cutting down a giant tree in the first place.

“Why don’t you stop cutting trees that took 60 years to get that tall and will rot on your doorstep in 5 weeks, and plant a tree instead?” one Twitter user demanded. “It’s the 21st century.”

Some people insisted on bringing politics into the matter. “Dear New York government,” Twitter user Dean Grainger tweeted at the Rockefeller Center, “2020 is not going well. I hope 2021 you learn from all the mistakes you made and it’s not Trumps fault.”

Meanwhile, the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is not alone. The Christmas tree outside Macy’s in Cincinnati’s Fountain Square went viral last week for looking so lopsided and scraggly.

It’s just another sign of the times in 2020.