Roger Mudd, Veteran News Anchor, Dies at Age 93

by Jon D. B.

Longtime CBS News anchor and Tom Brokaw‘s former NBC Nightly News partner Roger Mudd has died. The legendary correspondent was 93-years-old.

What a remarkable life. Tragically, Roger Mudd has left us at the incredible age of 93. News of his death comes from his son, Jonathan Mudd, who confirms to The Washington Post that his father died of kidney failure.

For primetime and nightly viewers, Mudd was a network television staple for decades. In the early 1960s, Mudd began his career on CBS reporting on politics and government affairs in Washington, D.C.

Through his remarkable coverage, Roger Mudd would become a star correspondent. As such, he would fill in for Walker Cronkite as anchor late in the same decade. His work for Cronkite would continue throughout the early 1970s, as well as on weekends with CBS Evening News.

Remembering News Icon Roger Mudd

“No moment stood out more in Mudd’s career than an interview he did in 1979 with Sen. Edward Kennedy, readying a challenge to President Jimmy Carter for the Democratic nomination. Mudd’s question was a softball — Why do you want to be president? — but Kennedy’s answer was all over the map,” Deadline reports of his legendary career.

Such masterful achievements behind him, Mudd would become a contender to succeed Cronkite after the icon’s own retirement in 1981. This spot, however, famously went to Dan Rather.

In light of this, Roger Mudd left CBS for NBC News. Here, he teamed with Tom Brokaw in co-anchoring an American staple: NBC Nightly News.

Unfortunately, this pairing never took, with Brokaw reportedly unhappy with the matchup. As such, Brokaw became the sole anchor of Nightly News the following year.

Mudd would go on to serve on Meet the Press as moderator. He would also serve the network in their attempts to launch news magazines.

In his later years, Roger Mudd would anchor for The History Channel. In addition, viewers will remember him as a correspondent for NacNeil-Lehrer Newshour.

Our sincere condolences to family, friends, and viewers during this loss of a legend. Rest in Peace, Roger Mudd.