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Ron Paul Hospitalized After Suffering Medical Emergency During Livestream Event

by Chris Haney
Photo by Pete Marovich/Getty Images

Former Texas congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul suffered an apparent stroke-like medical emergency in the middle of a livestream Friday afternoon.

The father of Sen. Rand Paul was hospitalized for “precautionary” reasons, but is supposedly “doing fine” and in good condition.

Paul, 85, was livestreaming his weekday “Liberty Report” broadcast on YouTube when he started having some issues. In fact, everything seemed normal at first as Paul talks about the free market. However, his speech abruptly turns to gibberish as another person in the video call asks if Paul was alright. 

A number of people sharing the video suspected Paul had a stroke.

The former presidential candidate’s Twitter account posted a ‘Message from Ron Paul’ on Friday afternoon to his 600,000 plus followers.

“I am doing fine. Thank you for your concern,” the post read. The message included an image of Paul clothed in a hospital gown, sitting up and smiling from his hospital bed, and giving the camera a thumbs-up.

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul’s office did not have an update on his father’s well-being right away. 

Later, the GOP senator did tweet his appreciation to well wishers.

“Thank God, Dad is doing well. Thank you for all your prayers today.” 

In 2013, Paul retired from Congress. Yet, the 85-year-old remains active in politics, continuing to film episodes of the “Ron Paul Liberty Report.” During Friday’s live episode is when Paul’s medical emergency occurred. 

Ron Paul and His Son’s Political Careers

In 1988, Paul first ran for the White House. Yet, his 2008 campaign was what drew attention to the lawmaker’s ability to utilize the power of the internet. 

His supporters created viral moments online in support of Paul, who represented the libertarian side of the Republican Party. For example, supporters raised money for a Ron Paul blimp. They flew the blimp over several cities prior to the 2008 primaries, which Sen. John McCain eventually won. 

Paul ran for president again in 2012, but lost the nomination to the more mainstream Mitt Romney. During that election run, Paul memorably released a cookbook of family recipes.  

Paul’s political success helped launch the Senate career of his son Rand. His son was a GOP Senate underdog in the 2010 primary. But, Rand was boosted financially by money raised online by many of his father’s supporters who wanted the elder Paul in the White House. 

In 2016, Rand Paul ran for the Republican presidential nomination, but was unsuccessful in his bid. He backed out in early February after underperforming in the Iowa caucuses.

Ron Paul was first elected to represent Texas in 1976 in a special election.  He served in Congress during three separate periods of office throughout his political career. 

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