Ronda Rousey Celebrates First Halloween with Daughter: VIDEO

by Matthew Memrick

WWE star Ronda Rousey and her husband Travis Browne celebrated their daughter Pō’s first Halloween with an adorable costume.

Rousey gave birth to La’akea Makalapuaokalanipō Browne, or Pō for short, on Sept. 27.

The baby, just weeks old, wore a Baby Shark costume that both mommy and daddy helped her get on. Then daddy held her in the air, and Rousey videoed the event.  

The 38-year-old Rousey recently started posting to Instagram after her daughter’s birth. Since then, she’s documented her daughter, her family, and her body’s recovery.

Rousey Coming Back Faster

Ronda Rousey told Celebretainment that her body was recovering “faster” than she expected after birth to Pō.

The WWE star and actress posted a selfie in her maternity bra just ten days after Pō’s birth.

 “My body seems to be recovering faster than I hoped, but I won’t really know if Pō tossed a grenade on the way out till my 6-week checkup,” Rousey said.

The new mom told Instagram that she felt like she lost a lot of muscle amid two hand fractures and getting pregnant. She said getting discouraged was easy after all her past physical work, but she’s looking forward to training soon.

The actor and former Olympian was looking forward to “the opportunity to start over and mold my body into its next phase.”

In the article, Rousey talked about her mother’s hard work after giving birth to her older sister Maria. Mom AnnMaria De Mars won a major Judo tournament less than two months later.

The former Olympian said her mom went back into training six days after being at the hospital, made her weight class, and won the US Open Judo tournament six weeks later.

The WWE star reflected on her daughter a week after her hospital stay. She shared a video clip of her newborn and lamented that she wished she “could bottle up these times and revisit them forever (sic).”

WWE Rival Tells Rousey Not To Come Back

TMZ reported on rival Becky Lynch’s advice for her former adversary.

Lynch, who is also a new mom to a baby girl, recently returned to the ring. The news website interviewed Lynch earlier this month.

The new mom had to give up her title when she went on maternity leave, but she’s back and already a SmackDown champ.

Lynch gave Rousey some bulletin board material in the hopes of inspiring her fast return to the ring.

“Don’t [come back],” Lynch said. “Cause I’m still on top, Ronda, you won’t like it. That’s my advice.”

Lynch, who married WWE wrestler Seth Rollins this year, said she was out of the ring for a year and a half.

“It’s been wild,” the wrestler said. “But it’s been amazing. And, my baby comes along everywhere with me.”