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Russell Dickerson Reveals Insanely Expensive Gift Tyler Hubbard Gave His Newborn Son

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credot: Jason Kempin/ Getty Images)

Every parent wants to give their child the world, but how much is too much? Russell Dickerson reveals the crazy gift Tyler Hubbard got for his newborn son.

Country artist Russell Dickerson joins the Bobby Bones Show today to talk about his new music along with his new role as a father.

Russell Dickerson Reveals Gift

Yes. Yes. Dickerson shared all about how we got into music and his hit song, “Love You Like I Used To”. However, we all wanted to get down to the meat and potatoes of things. We wanted to know what expensive gifts his famous friends got his newborn baby boy, Remington.

“So Tyler Hubbard gave us a pair of Yeezys for little Remington, and I think that’s got to be one of the coolest gifts for sure.”

Tyler Hubbard is the Georgia portion of the band, Florida Georgia Line.

After extensive research, we found that if you want your little tot also to rock a pair of the freshest kicks, you better be willing to fork over a few Benjamins.

“Dude, he’s literally just grown,” says Dickerson. “Like he doesn’t fit in his car seat anymore. He doesn’t fit in any of his clothes. He was already huge coming out, but like somehow he’s gotten more massive, and so we’re kind of scrambling ordering new clothes and all that right now.”

Won’t Last Long

Bobby Bones was quick to point out that the costly purchase will not fit the “massive” baby for long.

“Then he is going to grow out of the Yeezys, and then you have an expensive baby shoe that can’t be worn again. I mean, that’s a cute baby shoe, because, in 10 years, people will go like, what was Kanye thinking. But by the way, I like the shoes too, but they’re probably going to be looked back on as a really bold fashion statement.”

Remington Edward Dickerson was welcomed into this world on September 10. He weighed in at ten pounds, four ounces and measured in at 22.5 inches long.