Scientist Studies Brains of People Who Claim to Have Had UFO Encounter

by Clayton Edwards

One Stanford University professor worked with the US government to study the brains of people who had UFO encounters. His findings are surprising.

Before we get into his studies and findings, let’s take a look at the professor conducting the studies. His name is Garry Nolan and he is a professor of pathology at Stanford. Over the years, Nolan has built an impressive resume. He has penned 300 research articles, holds 40 US patents, and founded eight biotech companies. Furthermore, he is one of Stanford’s top 25 inventors. In short, the guy studying the brains of people who had UFO encounters isn’t just some loon in a basement. Nolan is an accomplished scientist who teaches at one of the most prestigious universities in the country.

Why Nolan Studied the Brains of Those Who Had UFO Encounters

Professor Nolan told Vice that after seeing that prominent Ufologist Steven Greer on YouTube showing off what appeared to be an alien skeleton, he threw his hat in the UFO research ring. Nolan connected with Greer and sequenced the genes of the skeleton, proved that it was a human, and wrote a research paper about it. Not long after that, “people associated with the CIA and some aeronautics corporations,” wanted Nolan’s help.

To be fair, Professor Nolan didn’t want to be the guy who studied the brains of people who had UFO encounters. In fact, after the UFO community lashed out at him over debunking Greer’s skeleton, he wanted nothing to do with the field. However, some people showed up at his office one day and told him they needed his help. They wanted to do blood analysis on those who had been close to UFOs. Professor Nolan just happened to have “the best blood analysis instrumentation on the planet.”

Then, they started showing him MRI results that showed brain damage in people who had previous UFO encounters. About those, he said, “You didn’t need to be an MD to see that there was a problem. Some of their brains were horribly, horribly damaged.” That, he said, is what pulled him in.

Professor Nolan’s Findings

When looking at the MRI results, Professor Nolan saw a common thread. The brains of people who had UFO encounters had scarring comparable to what you’d see in someone with multiple sclerosis. However, the area of the brain that was “damaged” would have killed the patients. Instead, Nolan discovered that it wasn’t scarring or damage. Instead, the “white blobs” in the MRIs were densely connected brain tissues in the area of the brain that deals with intuition and split-second decision making.

However, many of the patients had these anomalies in their brains before they had UFO encounters. That opens up a whole new can of intergalactic worms.