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Seattle Residents Are Ticked Over This Makeshift Second-Story ‘Shack’ Built on Top of an RV

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by GENNA MARTIN/San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images)

Sadly, Seattle faces a huge problem with many people not having homes. Some live in vehicles and a recent makeshift second-story “shack” built on top of an RV has many Seattle residents upset.

Recently, an RV parked on Seattle’s streets with a makeshift plywood shanty built on top. With it appearing the vehicle doesn’t intend to move anytime soon, local residents are upset. KOMO-TV reports Ballard neighborhood inhabitants noticed the shanty being built last week. People fear it may fall on passing cars or pedestrians, due to its shoddy construction.

The RV resident spoke to the television outlet, saying “it’s called a shack” and then refused to answer further questions. This problem is recurring, with neighborhood residents claiming the streets are lined with RVs and tent encampments. Since the area is filled with upscale bars and boutique shops, they fear it will affect property values and tourism.

Additionally, the double-decker is behind Reuben’s Brew and Fremont Brewing Company, a high-traffic area. One of the business owners there, Elise Vincentini, tells KOMO-TV “I want the city to go to them and say they have to take it down.”

Resident Lane Imbler-Bremner spoke to KOMO-TV about his frustration. “We feel like they have more rights than us. I mean to go up on our house (to add a story) we would have to have several permits.”

Compounding the issue, Imbler-Bremner says he reported the double-decker to City Hall but hasn’t received a response. City officials are confused over who has oversight authority and what ordinances the RV’s construction could be violating. A city Department of Transportation spokesman admitted “to my knowledge, I have never seen anything like this.”

As of now, city officials still don’t know how to handle the problem.

Construction Begins on Trebek Center Homeless Shelter After ‘Jeopardy!’ Makes Major Donation

Though Seattle is struggling with helping the homeless, California received a huge boon from Jeopardy! After donating $250,000 to the cause, construction began on the new Trebek Homeless Center.

Named for legendary host Alex Trebek, the show’s Instagram posted a photo detailing the news.

“With the $250K donation from Jeopardy!, Hope of the Valley Trebek Center began construction on Aug. 16th, scheduled for completion early 2022. The site will have 107 bedrooms and a full array of social services to assist those living at the center.”

Trekek’s wife, Jean, wholeheartedly approves. Happy the show is supporting something her husband was so passionate about, she gave her thanks. “It’s so wonderful that Jeopardy! is supporting Hope of the Valley’s The Trebek Center in Northridge, CA. The show’s generosity continues to reflect Alex’s desire to assist underrepresented communities.”

Before his untimely passing in November 2020, Alex Trebek himself personally gave $500,000 to help with homelessness.