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Second Stimulus Check Is Officially Coming: Here’s for How Much

by Jacklyn Krol
Second Stimulus check information how much
Pepi Stojanovski, Unsplash

Democrats and Republicans may not always agree on everything, however, they have come to a decision regarding the second stimulus check.

Everything We Know About the Second Stimulus Check

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin confirmed to ABC News This Week: Sunday Morning that people could get up to $1,200 in the second and final stimulus check.

After the CARES Act passed in March and the House Democrats proposed the HEROES Act, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell proposed another act. The HEALS Act proposal would be a $1,200 check to qualified people. Negotiations between the White House and Democrats pitched his plan.

Unlike the first stimulus check which left out dependents 17 or older and college students, this check will include them. The Republican’s proposal would include $500 for dependents, regardless of their age.

Households could qualify up to $6,000. This would be capped at five family members receiving the full check apiece, CNET reported.

What Steven Mnuchin and Nancy Pelosi Had to Say

“Now, I would just say, across both parties, there are different things that are very contentious,” Mnuchin told the outlet. “The Democrats, right now, are insisting on over a trillion-dollar to that state and local governments. That’s something that we’re not going to do to bail out those states that had financial issues. But there’s definitely areas of agreement. Things like the PPP, I think there’s enormous bipartisan support. Things about checks in the mail, I think there’s [sic] enormous bipartisan results.”

Mnuchin said that he and White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows will be there “every day” until they reach an agreement. “We understand there’s a need to compromise,” he continued. “But, on the other hand, there’s also a big need to get kids into schools, get people back to jobs and keep the economy open and keep people safe.”

“We (Democrats) are unified in our support for the $600,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi added. “They’re in disarray on many of their members in the Senate; Republican members don’t want any addition. And we’re saying three things — support our state and local heroes, strategic big plan to end the virus, and third put money in the pockets of America’s working families and we do that. And we have other issues that relate to food that are contentious.”