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Second Stimulus Check: Nearly 9 Million Americans May Reportedly Be at Risk of Losing $1,200 Payment

by Jon D. B.
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As unemployment continues to surge and millions of Americans remain without jobs, nearly 9 million in-need-citizens may completely miss out on a second stimulus check.

According to a Monday report from Congress’ auditing department, 8.7 million Americans (or more) are at risk. The second stimulus checks will equal $1,200 per eligible person, or $2,400 per married couple – just like the first round. Due to incomplete IRS and Treasury Dept. records, however, these millions of Americans may never see a second round.

Second Stimulus Checks: What’s the issue?

Forbes.com has the situation broken down. The financial giant details that the “Treasury Department determined in April that there was no data available for 14 million people who do not normally file tax returns or receive federal benefits.”

In short: these individuals are at risk because they do not file tax returns. Therefore – there is no data within the IRS’s system to send them a payment.

These Americans still are, however, eligible for the stimulus payments. If they decide to become up to dat with the IRS before the second round of stimulus checks is approved (whenever that is), they can still benefit.

A whopping 371-page report from the Government Accountability Office has the entirety of the situation outlined. If further detail is needed for any individual, it can be found there.

Who’s getting left out?

Yet the most unfortunate aspect of this situation is – those missing out may need the stimulus the most. Forbes clarifies that:

One entity working with the IRS to promote awareness of the stimulus payments told the GAO that the eligible recipients are outside of the tax system and are likely to be “very low-income,” and therefore most in need of the money.


There is hope for those who are missing out. The IRS extended the deadline to sign up for stimulus payments through the end of September. If you or someone you know is in need of signing up for the second stimulus check – you may do so with the IRS here.

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