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Severed Human Foot Found in Michigan Lake

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Pool/Max Mumby/Getty Images)

A severed human foot was found in a Michigan lake earlier this month. Volunteers cleaning the lake said they found the foot, still in its sock, while cleaning the Grand River on Sept. 12 in Jackson County, WLIX reported. That’s about 40 miles south of Lansing, Mich.

Police are stumped as to who the severed foot could belong to, but have begun diving in the area in search of other body parts, officials told WLNS. The investigation is ongoing.

The body of a 51-year-old man was found in the Grand River earlier this year on March 25. Police haven’t said if there is any connection between the body and foot. The medical examiner has yet to respond for comment.

People finding a body or body part isn’t as uncommon as it may seem. A group of teens stumbled across a body stuffed in a suitcase earlier this summer while using an app called “Randonautica,” Inside Edition reported. They documented their discovery in a TikTok video.

The teens in the video poke at the suitcase until they smell something strange. That’s when they realize something terrible could be inside. They then call police who confirmed the grizzly discovery.

The medical examiner is working to identify the remains and determine a cause of death. Another bag of human remains was found floating in the ocean nearby.