Sharon Osbourne Shares Hilarious Throwback of Ozzy Trying to Imitate American ‘John Wayne’ Accent

by Kati Michelle

For a while, it was looking like Sharon Osbourne’s exit might have been the straw that broke the camel’s back regarding “The Talk.” For Sharon, though, that’s old news. Since vowing to stay away from television, she’s had all the more time to pursue some side hustles and support her children with legendary “Black Sabbath” rocker Ozzy.

Sharon Osbourne’s relationship with the “Prince of Darkness” is a storied one. Rumors have even begun circulating about a feature film depicting such. In the meantime, the two lovebirds celebrated Sharon’s 69th birthday just a few weeks back following their 39th wedding anniversary in July. That’s a lot of memories to share with someone. Sharon actually took to Twitter today to share one of the funnier memories which involves a throwback video of Ozzy Osbourne as he attempts to imitate an American “John Wayne” accent.

Sharon Osbourne Says Ozzy ‘Fancied Himself Quite the Comedian’ During a Past Talk Show Appearance

Here’s the video that Sharon Osbourne shared of her “Prince of Darkness” husband as he channeled his inner cowboy. He finds it difficult not to break character through the guttural “yeahs,” but that’s part of the video’s endearing quality. Fans can’t get enough of the segment, either, thanking Sharon for digging up this old gem. Check it out:

So, maybe the impression won’t land him an academy award and he shouldn’t quit his day job. Regardless, it’s fun watching the two worlds collide as both a John Wayne fan and a fan of Ozzy Osbourne. Sharon has always been one of Ozzy Osbourne’s biggest supporters, despite poking fun at him every now and then.

One fan commented on the video saying “You can’t beat Brummie humor!” This refers to Ozzy’s birthplace of Birmingham, England.

An Impersonator Shocks Sharon on ‘America’s Got Talent’

Impersonator Randy Hanson gave Sharon quite the shock with his version of an Ozzy Osbourne impersonation during his “America’s Got Talent” audition one year. From the glasses to the cross necklace and hair, Hanson’s ensemble is spot on. But how is his voice acting? We’re not telling you what to think, but someone in Vegas might want to get in touch with this guy.

He manages to get the entire crowd on its feet, clapping and dancing as he jumps into a full-on musical impression. By the end of the audition, the judges are all blown away, but they ultimately let Sharon Osbourne decide Hanson’s fate.

Sharon ultimately makes a PG-13 joke about how she could be sure the impersonator isn’t actually her husband and three “yesses” send him forward in the competition. Check it out for yourself: