Sharon Osbourne Tributes Celebrity Lawyer Howard Weitzman After His Death

by Josh Lanier

Sharon Osbourne, along with a host of other celebrities, is grieving the death of one of Hollywood’s most powerful and recognizable lawyers. Howard Weitzman, who represented some of the biggest celebrities in the world including O.J. Simpson and Michael Jackson, died earlier this week of cancer. He was 81.

Aside from the Osbournes, Weitzman’s client list ran the gamut from movie stars like Morgan Freeman and Marlon Brando to singers such as Justin Bieber and Jackson.

And before there was the Dream Team, there was Weitzman. He was O.J. Simpson’s attorney when the football star was accused of killing his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman. He withdrew from the case early on, long before the trial, supposedly at his wife’s behest, TMZ said.

Weitzman’s famous friends and clients have been eulogizing him online since his death on Sunday.

Henry Winkler tweeted “Howard Weitzman touched so many with his generosity.”

“Rest In Peace dear Howard Weitzman,” Rosanna Arquette wrote.

Howard Weitzman Knew How to Use Press

The University of Southern California Law School graduate rose to fame as the attorney John DeLorean. The infamous automaker was accused of attempting to buy and sell 55 pounds of the cocaine.

Weitzman won that case. And his briefings on the steps of the courthouse during the trial made Weitzman a star, The Hollywood Reporter wrote. Because the press loved him for it.

“(Weitzman) helpfully puts his more obscure courtroom questions into context, indicates his current strategy and delivers small homilies on the dangers of a government entrapment operation gone wild,” the Washington Post said at the time, according to Yahoo News.

The Los Angeles native served as the lead litigator for Michael Jackson’s estate after the pop star’s death in 2009. He was Jackson’s personal attorney for many years, and was his staunchest supporters.

“It’s been a real roller coaster ride,” he told The Hollywood Reporter in 2010. “Not a week goes by where something strange doesn’t happen. There are consistent claims by people claiming to be Michael’s wife or child.”

In addition to his wife, Weitzman is survived by sons, Jed and Armen.