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Shocking Video Shows Huge Box Truck Crash-Land Off Highway Ramp Onto Separate Accident Scene

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by PATRICK T. FALLON/AFP via Getty Images)

A shocking video captures the moment a huge box truck crashes over a guard rail on a Los Angeles freeway. And lands on top of a separate and already active accident scene.

The New York Post reports three people were injured after the box truck infiltrated the first accident scene. Fortunately, though, none of the present first responders were harmed in the incident. The footage, captured by a commuter named Tommy Dorado, was taken between the 14 and 5 Freeways in Santa Clarita. The video shows surrounding roadways soaked with rain.

Reflecting on the horrific scene, Dorado told KABC, “At first I was in shock. I was in disbelief. I couldn’t believe I was witnessing something like that firsthand.”

Per the news outlet, neither of the original two vehicles was occupied when the truck crashed over the guard rail. That said, two people were transported to local hospitals after the box truck crashed. A third victim was transported following the original crash.

Reporters on the scene state the first accident occurred when a big rig overturned on the highway and clipped the black SUV. Both of which we can see in the video. That accident took place around 6:30 a.m. At 7:24 a.m. the box truck flipped onto the original crash scene. Fuel from the truck further added to the 40 gallons or so already soaking the roadway. The consecutive crashes kept cleanup crews busy all Friday morning.

Box Truck Lands Smashes Crash Scene in Unusual String of Los Angeles Wrecks

As if the above video wasn’t strange enough, the New York Post reports the Friday morning incident actually came in an unusual string of Los Angeles wrecks between Thursday and Friday.

Before first responders arrived at the original crash scene Friday morning, a third accident had taken place around 10:15 p.m. Thursday. The evening crash occurred when a semi-truck jackknifed and left its trailer hanging over the side of the road.

Even more interesting, officials state that despite drenched highways, the rainy weather conditions didn’t seem to play a factor in either of the crashes.

Florida Pilot Crash Lands Plane on North Carolina Highway

We’ve seen some intense crash landings before—Exhibit A above—however, earlier this summer, a Florida pilot was forced to make a terrifying crash landing of his own on a North Carolina highway. And while footage shows the plane’s rapid descent onto the road, the pilot, Vincent Fraser, managed to avoid hitting trees, powerlines, and, most importantly, any vehicles traveling along the highway.

Reflecting on the experience at the time, which he shared with his father-in-law, Fraser said, “There was nowhere to land so … I think I told him I loved him and that I was sorry for putting him in the situation.”

“From there on,” the pilot continued, “I was just like, ‘Game on. Let’s get down alive.'”

And that’s just what he did. In addition, the pilot earned major respect in the aviation community, with aviation analyst Captain John Cox praising his skill.

“The biggest takeaway from the video,” Cox said, “is that a well-trained pilot (keeps) a cool head and (deals) with a high-stress situation. With good training, you can have a very successful outcome.”