Small Surprises: Wounded Veteran Gifted With Money and Gift Card

by Matthew Memrick

A stranger gave a wounded Knoxville veteran a small surprise in the form of money and a gift card on Friday.

Walter Brogdon III said the person knocked on his door and gave his nephew a paper bag. The stranger said it was a gift for the homeowner. NBC 10 reported on the act of kindness.

Brogdon said he felt like his “guardian angel said, ‘hey, they could use a little something right now.’”

The bag contained $300 in cash and a $100 Cracker Barrel gift card.

Veteran Said Help Came At Good Time

The Army and Navy veteran said the small gift lifted his spirits. He said, “he was feeling a little bit depressed a while ago.” Now the veteran said he’s been thinking about what he would do to “pay this forward.”

“We’ve got a lot of things on us, and, boy, he picked the right person if he picked me and doesn’t know me,” Brogdon said.

After an injury years ago, the Vietnam veteran said he now needs help to walk at his south Knoxville house. When the doorbell rang, Brogdon said he couldn’t get it. When the man’s nephew, Willie, answered the door and got the bag, the stranger left as soon as he appeared.

Brogdon said his nephew stood in shock while holding the bag at the door. He soon told his uncle what was in the bag.

Stranger Not Clear on Man’s Name

Willie said the unnamed stranger didn’t quite know Brogdon’s name. When he said the gift was for the homeowner, the nephew asked if he meant Walt. The stranger said it was for Walt and his wife.

Meanwhile, Walt never caught a look at the stranger. But he’s thought about the gift, and he told NBC 10 that he does have an idea who the man is.

Brogdon thinks the stranger is a veteran he helped in the past. The veteran has made it his mission to help other disabled vets. The man helps other vets through the paperwork process of getting benefits after a 10-year wait of his own.

Brogdon doesn’t want a veteran to become homeless because of the long, complicated process.

The veteran also thinks the Cracker Barrel card could be a hint. He’s been charitable in the past, pulling checks off their table at the restaurant and paying their bill anonymously.

Hey Stranger, If You’re Reading This, Thanks!

Brogdon has some kind words for the stranger who helped him out with the small surprise.

“Thank you very much. You’re a gentleman and, I didn’t ask for anything. Rest assured, I’m going to pay it forward,” he said.

Ultimately, Brogdon said he hopes that the world will be a better place if enough people pay it forward.