Social Media Erupts After CNN Cuts Away From Ukraine Air Raid Coverage for Applebee’s Commercial

by Leanne Stahulak

With the crisis in Ukraine escalating, social media users are blasting CNN for cutting away from vital coverage to air an Applebee’s commercial.

Last night, Russian forces invaded Ukraine, targeting “military infrastructure,” according to BBC. The outlet reported that Russia hit northern city Kharkiv, Luhansk in the east, as well as Crimea and Belarus. In the capital city of Kyiv, three million people sought shelter or to leave the city.

Kyiv was the focal point of CNN’s coverage during their untimely commercial break. The news outlet chose to broadcast video footage of the air raid sirens blasting out around the capital of Ukraine.

But the footage suddenly cut off when Zac Brown Band’s “Chicken Fried” started playing. The footage cut to footage of fried chicken, beer, and a man in jeans and a cowboy hate dancing. The commercial took up a significant portion of the screen while the bottom chyron read, “Live CNN coverage continues.”

The Daily Wire shared the clip on Twitter, captioning the video, “Not the best timing.”

Many people expressed outrage on social media about the “jarring” way that CNN interrupted their Ukraine coverage.

“Cutting away from air raid sirens in Kyiv for an Applebee’s commercial with a guy in jeans shaking his ass is certainly a choice, @CNN. What sort of dystopian hell is this?” one Twitter user wrote earlier today.

“Cannot believe CNN just cut from mid-air raid siren to an Applebee’s commercial. Incredible metaphor,” another person commented.

Someone else said, “CNN immediately cutting from a video of Ukrainians taking refuge in a subway station while using language about it resembling ‘the Blitz’ and then immediately cutting to a new, horrible, bro-country filled Applebee’s commercial featuring a bleak, empty Kyiv is peak 2022.”

Everyone Continues to Blast CNN for Ukraine Coverage

People are not about to let CNN rest. The Applebees commercial interrupting Ukraine air raid sirens continues to frustrate social media users across Twitter.

“No way CNN actually did this,” content creator Caleb Hull asked incredulously.

Journalist Luke Rudkowski posted the Applebees clip and wrote, “CNN, they call themselves ‘the most trusted name in news.'”

Media Research Center’s Scott Whitlock also blasted the news outlet. “Really, CNN? There’s this thing called tone and tact. Look it up. Because your blending of commercials and all hell breaking out in Europe isn’t working.”

Even as CNN weathers this social media storm, they continue to report about new developments in Ukraine. Recent videos they’ve posted include one correspondent filming right next to Russian forces overtaking a Ukrainian airport. Another video shows a correspondent speaking with people hiding out in an overcrowded subway tunnel under the city.

We’ll see if CNN has anything to say about the Applebees commercial or if they’ll leave it be to focus on more Ukraine coverage.