Social Media Reacts to News That Millions of Americans Are Eligible for $1,400 Stimulus Checks

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Jeff Fusco/Getty Images)

The IRS recently announced that around nine million taxpayers have yet to claim their final round of American Rescue Plan stimulus checks. And social media has many thoughts on the matter.

Yesterday, news began breaking about a possible $1,400 for millions. While the headlines are a bit unclear, the money isn’t part of a new plan. Instead, it’s a gentle reminder that households have yet to claim a 2021 check that’s rightfully theirs.

As Twitter has proven with a recent trend, there are many angry taxpayers out there who have been waiting nearly a year to get one or more of the three-installment stimulus program. And they need the money because inflation has been hard-hitting.

This month, the IRS began sending letters to people who have yet to file their 2021 tax returns and explained that when they do, they can get up to $1,400 if they’re single and $2,800 if they’re married. The effort is likely due to an influx of Americans inquiring about their missing funds.

However, the information is confusing to quite a few people who believe that the stimulus check is fourth from the U.S. government. And they’re not happy because they credit last year’s package for driving inflation.

“4th stimulus check for US citizens,” wrote @y_a_z_i_i_d. ” Other countries have to work extremely hard to earn dollars while the US just prints it whenever they want.”

The topic has caused a slew of conversations about the real cost of stimulus checks, and the majority of people are actually against another round.

“The more stimulus checks they print the less buying power your dollar will have. Deflation is coming to the u.s. dollar Very soon,” wrote @SupremeKaiKashi.

Here’s How to Get The Final Round of 2021 Stimulus Checks

Whether there is validity behind the worries is moot though. Because there are no new checks going to Americans. The money was already set aside with a $1.9 trillion plan. And as some people who haven’t even gotten their first checks will soon realize, it’s easy to claim.

The majority of people who did not receive their final stimulus check have yet to file their 2021 tax return, which was due in April. So, if you have yet to complete them, you’ll have to do so now.

People who did not earn an income in 2021 are still eligible. But there is a cap on the program. Single Americans who earned more than $75,000, heads of households who earned more than $112,000, and married couples who earned over $150,000 do not qualify.

“This mailing was designed to reach people who didn’t file and mostly have modest incomes,” IRS spokesman Eric Smith told The Washington Post.

To make the process easier, the IRS is making its “Free File” online program available until Nov. 17. The agency is asking taxpayers to submit their returns electronically for maximum speed.