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Soldier Seeking Help Bringing Abandoned Puppies He Rescued Overseas Home for the Holidays

by Jennifer Shea
Evgen Kotenko/ Ukrinform/Barcroft Media via Getty Images

Two scared, malnourished puppies sitting in a box by the side of the road. What do you do?

If you’re Staff Sgt. Jay, you pick them up, bring them back to your base and give them food and water. And that’s exactly what the soldier did when he found the puppies, now named Luna and Lejla, suffering by the roadside recently.

Now Staff Sgt. Jay has been granted a brief leave to visit home. And he wants to bring the puppies back to his family so they can have a more permanent place there.

Want to Help the Puppies? Visit This Website

The staff sergeant has hooked up with Paws of War, a charity that helps soldiers trying to take care of animals in need that they’ve encountered during their deployments. Jay, the doting owner of an 11-year-old English mastiff, knows the puppies will fit right in with his family if he can just get them home in tandem with his visit.

The charity has set up a fundraiser site for the pups to help cover the costs of their difficult journey home.

“I reached out to Paws of War because I’ve heard so many good things about how they help military members with situations like this,” the soldier said, according to People. “I have been granted a short holiday stay back home. And it will be a miracle if I can get Luna and Lejla back there at the same time to introduce them to the rest of the family, and we can all spend the holiday together. I can’t wait to make them a permanent part of my family.”  

For its part, Paws of War said in a press release that it would be awesome if they could marshal the resources to make that happen.

“We desperately want to make sure these pups are back in the U.S. when Staff Sgt. Jay gets his holiday visit home,” Paws of War stateside logistics coordinator Dereck Cartwright said. “He is going to surprise his wife and children with the two puppies for Christmas, which is going to be something amazing to be a part of helping to make happen.”

Soldier Has Bonded with the Pups

Since taking them back to base from the roadside, Staff Sgt. Jay has bonded with the puppies. He was an animal lover before he found the pups, and now he’s definitely in their corner.

This is not the first time Paws of War has helped a soldier care for an animal in need. In August, Paws of War rode to the rescue of Benji, a stray dog that Staff Sgt. Laza took in and rescued after someone poisoned the pup.

Paws of War arranged for Benji to get veterinary care, but as the medical bills piled up, Staff Sgt. Laza struggled to cover the costs, so the nonprofit launched a fundraiser to help.

Fortunately for Staff Sgt. Jay, his puppies have not been poisoned, but there’s no telling what could happen to them if he can’t get them home safe to his family. Luckily for him, Paws of War is on the case.