South Dakota Man Charged with Burglary After He Enters Bar Afterhours, Found Casually Drinking a Beer

by Courtney Blackann
Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

You definitely know you should have followed that last call order when you find yourself drinking a beer by yourself at 5 a.m. in a closed establishment. But a Sioux Falls man couldn’t help himself. Now he faces a burglary charge. Hey, he just wanted to keep the party going – who can blame him?

Well, actually, it’s a crime to be rolling out beers to yourself if you’re in a closed bar. That’s exactly what the 53-year-old found out when police arrested him around 5:30 a.m. The unnamed man was charged with burglary after law enforcement found him.

Perhaps the man was a bit confused because when authorities arrived at the scene, he was casually walking around the establishment, beer in hand. A burglary alarm sent an officer to the scene, unbeknownst to the drunk man, according to the Argus Leader.

He was then booked in the Minnehaha County Jail – surely, with an oncoming headache and few memories after drinking all night.

Authorities also say it’s unclear how the man got into the bar because no forced entry appeared to be evident.

If nothing else, the man is sure to have a good story once he makes bail.

Woman Fends Off Burglar with American Flag

In a more serious burglary, an elderly woman used the symbol of freedom to defend her life after a home invasion.

A 73-year-old Salt Lake City native witnessed a man hopping her fence and attacking her brothers before turning his attention to her.

Lejune Timmerman saw the events unfolding and quickly thought to defend herself. When the attacker beat up her brothers, she knew she was next. She was right. Grabbing her American flag on a pole that was on her porch.

“I grabbed my glory and starting beating the hell back,” Timmerman said. “I whooped his ass and I’ll whoop it again.”

The assailant, Justin Smith, then kicked in her front door and hid in one of the bedrooms. Once authorities arrived a few minutes later, Smith was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, criminal mischief and aggravated burglary.

The woman worried she may have been disrespectful to her flag and told authorities as much. However, she admitted she was just defending herself.

“I told them, ‘hey, I didn’t mean to disrespect my flag, but he was hurting me and beating me’,” she told KUTV.

After the attack – which largely remains unexplained – police officers had a gift for Timmerman. They presented her with a new flag and pole which they helped her mount on her porch. The woman was overjoyed at their efforts.

Despite ending up okay, Timmerman felt traumatized by the events. She said she and her brother, who’d lived with her for more than 20 years, planned to move to a new area of town.