Southwest Airlines Issues Apology After 2,000 Flights Canceled, Nearly 6,000 Delayed Over ‘Technology Issues’

by Shelby Scott

Once again, Southwest Airlines is catching heat after issuing thousands of flight cancelations and delays. Recent weeks have seen the airline forced to halt flights as a result of weather conditions. However, now, patrons have laid into Southwest Airlines after announcing issues with routine system maintenance on Saturday.

What to Know:

  • Southwest Airlines issued an apology to patrons after canceling and delaying thousands of flights.
  • Saturday’s flight disruptions initially caused by a “planned system outage.”
  • Delays became extended as the planned outage saw “intermittent performance issues.”
  • Patrons blasted a Southwest Airlines April Fool’s Tweet after experiencing flight interruptions.

Weekend Plans Nationwide Affected Due to Flight Disruptions

Southwest Airlines saw loads of online backlash Saturday after canceling more than 470 flights and delaying 1,438 of them. According to the Daily Mail, the airline company blamed the issue on a failure with its overall IT system.

In a statement on Twitter, Southwest wrote, “We are experiencing flight disruptions across our network today due to briefly pausing our service earlier this morning as we worked to resolve an intermittent technology issue.”

The company further cited weather conditions in isolated regions of the country for increased delays. Southwest Airlines further said, “We offer our heartfelt apologies for any inconvenience, and we will continue to work with Customers who experience a disruption in their travel plans.”

The company then provided a link for patrons to check flight status and see various rebooking options.

Nevertheless, delays and cancelations left many customers angry and disappointed, many of whom took to social media to share their grievances. Many more became aggravated after the airline company shared a poorly-timed April Fools joke on Twitter.

The Friday morning Tweet read, “You want a joke? Bag fees.”

In truth, the Tweet likely would have gone over a lot better had the company not followed it up with numerous flight disruptions.

Patrons Blast Southwest Airlines Over Interrupted Flights

Following the poorly-timed April Fools Tweet, inconvenienced passengers had much to say.

“Kind of bad taste to make a Twitter joke when seemingly every flight today is delayed,” wrote Ryan Breton.

Another flustered patron said, “This is almost as funny as receiving a text at 11:30 pm saying your am flight is canceled. The punchline is sitting on hold for 2-1/2 hours waiting to speak to a representative to re-schedule a flight. You guys dig deep on April Fools.”

While Southwest Airlines received the heaviest criticisms over the weekend, CNBC reports nearly 6,000 flights overall saw delays. The outlet stated that severe thunderstorms in Florida slowed traffic immensely as loads of spring-breakers headed to one of the U.S.’s top travel destinations for this time of year.

In connection to the Saturday storms, air traffic controllers slowed or paused inbound traffic altogether for multiple airports across the Sunshine State.