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SpaceX’s All-Civilian Crew Is Dropping Pics From Outer Space From Their Glass-Dome Bathroom

by Jennifer Shea
Paul Hennessy/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

On their first full day in space, the crew of SpaceX’s Inspiration4 talked to Elon Musk and posted photos of the view from their spaceship’s glass-domed bathroom.

The four passengers are on a three-day trip to outer space. During the course of their trip, they will undertake some scientific research.

The civilian crew went through a five-month training program in preparation for their mission, per Business Insider. Meanwhile, the pictures they posted show them floating in the Crew Dragon spacecraft. They’re also shown peering out of the glass dome, or cupola, above the toilet.

SpaceX Spaceflight Is First Ever Without Professional Astronauts on Board

Besides offering the first space toilet with panoramic views, the SpaceX spaceflight features another first: the first trip to space without any professional astronauts aboard.

Jared Isaacman, a billionaire and jet pilot who bought four seats on SpaceX’s ship for a civilian jaunt to space, told Business Insider that the Inspiration4 mission will orbit Earth at a higher altitude than the International Space Station does for three days before returning to Earth.

The other passengers on the spaceflight are physician-assistant Hayley Arceneaux, scientist Dr. Sian Proctor and Air Force veteran and engineer Chris Sembroski.

The cupola over the toilet is “probably most ‘in space’ you could possibly feel by being in a glass dome,” Musk, the founder and chief engineer of SpaceX, said on Twitter.

“It’s not a ton of privacy. But you do have this kind of privacy curtain that cuts across the top of the spacecraft, so you can kind of separate yourself from everyone else,” Isaacman told Business Insider. “And that also happens to be where the glass cupola is. So, you know, when people do inevitably have to use the bathroom, they’re going to have one hell of a view.”

Company Has Ferried Pro Astronauts to the ISS

Before this first all-civilian spaceflight, SpaceX has taken professional astronauts to the International Space Station.

Those flights were on different spaceships that did not feature the spectacular toilet setup Inspiration4 enjoys. And why not? Because those spaceships needed noses that could dock at the space station and allow the astronauts to climb out into the international laboratory.

This time, the spaceship won’t be docking anywhere. So SpaceX replaced the docking gizmo with a window that you can stand in. The toilet just happened to be close to it.

SpaceX has declined to share any details about the design of the Crew Dragon toilet. But it’s clear that for three days, its location will afford the four passengers a unique vantage on the planet they’re orbiting.