SpaceX Launching Four Americans Who Are Not Astronauts Into Space Tonight

by Kati Michelle

Space. The final frontier. We don’t really know what’s out there. Just this week, some unidentified flying objects made an appearance on NASA’s Live Feed from the International Space Station. SpaceX aims to investigate instances like that and so much more. In the past month, they’ve launched ground-breaking (space-breaking?) projects to develop a satellite mega constellation named Starlink to provide commercial internet service and orbit around Earth’s poles using new internet beacons featuring satellite-to-satellite laser communications links.

And now, after receiving the green light some time ago, they are ready to launch a historic civilian flight. Actually, the four Americans who are not astronauts are launching into space tonight. What’s more, they are launching without any professional astronauts on board.

The Launch

Reporting from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, Today Show correspondents report that all systems are a “go” ahead of tonight’s launch. The rocket is outfitted with a pretty epic name “The Falcon,” with its capsule “The Dragon” sitting atop. The crew make-up is as follows: Jared Isaacman, Sian Proctor, Hayley Arceneaux, and Christopher Sembroski. When asked why they are attempting this historic feat, one of the astronauts provided the following answer:

“It’s human nature. It’s like why cross the oceans, why climb the mountains, right? Curiosity is part of us.”

Before this crew, no one ever ventured to space without NASA or special training. Although they didn’t go to regular Space School, SpaceX did try to prep them with 6 months of physical and mental tests. Their adventures are chronicled in the Netflix “Countdown” special. As they begin the next part of the adventure, the space crew will collect information about various aspects of the space journey. For example, they will collect samples from the microbiome in space. Most notably, they will also study how space affects the average person.

SpaceX details the five-hour launch window for the Inspiration4 team in a Tweet from last night. The large window allows for weather fluctuations and any other unexpected last-minute changes. The Tweet also provides a direct link to view all the action. Check it out here:

All Aboard the Inspiration4 Space Crew’s Falcon 9

The Inspiration4 crew sat down for a rather lengthy and personal Q&A session for SpaceX yesterday evening. Here, the crew dove into several different topics including preparations, inspirations, and goals for the future. Each of the crew members details being grateful for this opportunity that only 600 others have ever experienced in the course of history. They also talked about partnering with St. Jude’s Research Hospital with a noble fundraising goal of $200 million.

If you want to get to know more about the individual crew members, here’s the place to do just that: