11-Year-Old Bills Fan Performs Table Smash After Beating Cancer

by Madison Miller

A young Buffalo Bills fanatic is celebrating cancer-free life.

Joshy Hutchinson is an 11-year-old that was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma last June. He has since been battling the aggressive form of cancer with hours and hours of chemotherapy and other tiring treatments.

Recently, the young fan got finished up his last round of chemotherapy, therefore officially beating cancer. The Bills fan decided he wanted to go out in style. When he went to ring the bell, a tradition in several hospitals signaling the patient beat cancer, Joshy had an epic Bills Mafia-themed party.

TMZ has several photos and videos from the heartwarming and special moment in Joshy Hutchinson’s life. He is wearing a Josh Allen jersey and helmet. Allen is the quarterback for the Bills.

When he entered the room filled with family and nurses, the epic Bills theme song blared in the room. In addition to getting to ring that special bell, Hutchinson also got to smash a makeshift table and then had pillows to safely land on.

If you’re familiar with the NFL or are a part of the Bills Mafia, you know that the fanbase is perhaps one of the wildest in the league. The team’s tailgating fans are known for hilarious stunts like table smashing and bowling ball shots. They even enjoy getting doused in a shower of mustard and ketchup and starting fires for fun. There’s no fanbase quite like the Bills.

Joshy Hutchinson’s epic cancer-free celebration was a Bills Mafia extravaganza that gives a proper nod to the eccentric fanbase.

According to ABC News, Hutchinson’s grandmother said that he wants to go to a Bills game in the future and meet his icon, Josh Allen. It would be one legendary Bills fan meeting one of the most essential players on the team.

Josh Allen Buffalo Bills Deal

The good news is that Josh Allen will be sticking with the Bills for a bit, which gives Joshy Hutchinson more opportunities to see his favorite quarterback.

According to NBC Sports, Allen has agreed to a six-year extension. It’s worth $258 million over the course of those six years. He will also get $100 million during the signing process, which happens to be the highest ever rewarded in NFL history.

To sum it up, he’s going to make $43 million a season. He’s the second-highest-paid quarterback right behind Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs. He is the first quarterback a part of the 2018 draft to get a long-term deal in the NFL.

Meanwhile, locals of Buffalo, New York, can only seem to focus on the star quarterback’s taste in wings. Allen recently did an ad for Buffalo Wild Wings on his Instagram account. Meanwhile, locals are adamant about supporting smalltown wing shops instead of large chains.

One commenter called the chain the “most UnBuffalo wing place.”

Another person went as far as to say, “This feels worse than watching you lose playoff games 2 years in a row.”