2020 Tokyo Olympics: The Advice Simone Biles Gave to Jade Carey Before Her Gold Medal Winning Floor Routine

by Jacklyn Krol

Jade Carey revealed what her teammate Simone Biles told her before her Olympics gold medal floor routine.

The 21-year-old athlete told People just how much having her teammates support her meant to her.

“That means everything to me to have them here supporting me,” she said. “They were honestly the best teammates ever — especially last night. So I was just really lucky to have them up there supporting me.”

Her fellow athletes comforted her after her disappointing 12.416 score on the vault which earned her last place.

Her teammates “just reminded me that I’m a great vaulter and that I will come back from it. And they, Simone especially, was just helping me let it go and move on.”

Biles also told her “‘It happened and [you] can’t do anything about it,’ and she’s just like, ‘Let’s go out and kill floor.’ So that’s what I did.”

Carey said that she is “really proud of her for coming back.” As Biles is set to compete in the final balance beam event. This follows her exit from events after suffering from mental health issues.

After coming back with a lower score, she was able to secure a gold medal with her floor routine. She admitted that she’s really proud of herself and that it was the “best floor routine I’ve done in my life.” Carey explained that she had to let go of her feelings about the vault and focus on her routine.

So what does one do after winning a gold medal at the Olympics? Celebrate with breakfast.

“Honestly, I’m really excited to get some good breakfast,” she shared. “Because we all just need some really good breakfast. We’re all ready for it.”

Jade’s Special Olympics

Despite COVID-19 protocol, Jade Carey was able to have her father by her side. Her coach is Brian Carey, her father. She said that having her father with her “means everything to me.” This moment is all they ever dreamed of. Her parents owned a gymnastics gym and she fell in love with the sport because of them.

“It’s just really special to be able to get this medal with him out there by my side. And he’s supported me 100 percent the whole time.”

Aside from her teammates, she was consoled by her father and coach after her disappointing vault.

“I just talked to my dad last night and we decided together that we were just gonna let it go the best we could and both put everything in to tonight,” she confessed.

How does their relationship work? They are father and daughter the second they leave the gym. They don’t talk gymnastics when they have family time. Similarly, they don’t act like family while competing, it’s all about performing her best.