2020 Tokyo Olympics: Australian Basketball Star Aron Baynes Injured in ‘Complicated’ Bathroom Incident

by Shelby Scott

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics have been nothing short of interesting this year. Most recently, Australian basketball star Aron Baynes has withdrawn from the remainder of the games due to a neck injury.

According to the New York Post, Baynes first injured his neck “during the second half of a Boomers win over Italy Wednesday.” As if that weren’t enough, he then slipped in his team’s bathroom causing further injury to his neck. Together, the two incidents have taken him out of the running for the remainder of the games.

According to Australian chief medical officer, Dr. David Hughes, “It became apparent to the medical staff that this was a bit more serious than just an average injury.” Baynes was then taken to the hospital to undergo further testing. Fortunately for the Olympic athlete, he is expected to fully recover. Regardless, he will not be able to participate in the remainder of the Tokyo games. Incredibly, the basketball star scored 14 points in 14 minutes during his team’s game against the Italians. He then permanently had to drop from the rest of the 2020 games.

While Baynes is crushed he won’t continue to compete with the rest of his team, one Twitter post shows he has a lot of support. He is appreciative for the “luv” from both his followers, fans, and his fellow team members. “I am gutted that I can’t complete the journey with the boys,” Baynes shared. Despite that, he has “every confidence that they will get the job done.”

Australia Boomers Promise to Finish Their Quest for Olympic Medal without Aron Baynes

Being ruled out of any further games has to be heartbreaking for the 34-year-old athlete. However, his team rallied around him after realizing the extent of his injury. In turn, Baynes’ teammate, Patty Mills, said that although “it’s a tough loss for us…we’ve got Bansey’s back.” Mills and the rest of the team vowed to “cover” for their center while he recovers from the “freak” incident.

Although Baynes occupies a big role, teammate Mills said the loss should not interfere with their gameplay. “[It] doesn’t change our focus and how we go about our business and what we have come to achieve,” he explained.

Australia’s head coach Brian Goorjian said he knows the rest of his 11 players can get the job done, according to the New York Post. Goorjian is especially confident as long as he can depend on his other players. He is especially dependent upon Jock Landale, Duop Reath, and Nick Kay. The coach highlighted Baynes as “a big part of [their] team and [they] are all hurting for him.” However, he also said that the Boomers need to stay focused on the days ahead, and that he is confident in the rest of his team.

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