2020 Tokyo Olympics: Canadian Diver Spectacularly Fails During Important Dive

by John Jamison

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics have already seen their share of emotional triumphs. Inevitably, they have also found moments of utter heartbreak. Canadian diver Pamela Ware made waves with a botched performance that falls firmly into the latter camp.

After a strong run that positioned Ware for a spot in the finals, her chances, quite literally, fell apart. On her fifth and final dive, the Canadian Olympian sprung off the board and just… fell. In a baffling move, Ware left the springboard and seemingly froze up, failing to execute any sort of coordinated dive. Instead, she plummeted to the pool’s surface in a less-than-graceful manner, splashing feet first into the water.

Watch the dive for yourself below.

It’s an undeniably funny mistake, as the narrating comedian delighted in pointing out. The hilarity, however, is offset when one realizes that Ware’s dive was the culmination of years of extreme dedication to her sport. Look no further than the stunned expressions on her teammates‘ faces for evidence of the pain she was and is likely still feeling now.

While it may be a while before Ware can laugh at the blunder, if ever, she talked about what went wrong during the dive.

“I was too far in front of the diving board, my toes went past the board and if I had tried the dive, the board would have thrown me too far forward and I could have hurt myself. I made the choice to jump in the water. It’s a mistake I also make in training sometimes. I was talking to my coach to tell him that I shouldn’t do it in competition and I did,” Ware said, in the wake of her attempt.

How Did the Canadian Diver Feel About the Performance?

Little consolation to Ware, it likely won’t be the last mistake we see at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. That doesn’t make things any easier for her, though, especially in the immediate aftermath.

“Honestly, I don’t know. I was in shock. I still haven’t figured out what happened,” Ware said.

“I think I’m good because usually I react quickly with my emotions. Today, it’s like I don’t have any. We’ll see in a few hours.”

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics diver may still have been in shock when she answered questions. Not that we know from experience, but this doesn’t seem like something one fully comprehends without time to process.

2020 Tokyo Olympics Viewers Are Feeling for Pamela Ware

Even the person narrating the video admitted that he feels bad for Ware. Granted, he did it while trying to contain his laughter. But for the most part, people on social media have been supportive of the Canadian diver following her underwhelming performance.

Sympathy was the predominant feeling among those watching the 2020 Tokyo Olympics when Pamela Ware jumped. Who knows? Maybe she’ll find redemption at the 2024 Olympic games in Paris.