2020 Tokyo Olympics: Fans Weigh In on ‘Redeeming’ Team USA’s Closing Ceremony Outfits

by Anna Dunn

It’s the final day of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, and some viewers are weighing in on whether or not the closing ceremony outfits redeem the opening ceremony outfits, which Twitter roasted.

This year, the outfits were designed with sustainability as a top priority. But when it came to the actual design, it appeared Ralph Lauren learned nothing from previous Olympics. The fashion company has been designing the Olympic uniforms since 2008, and many were calling for a change when they saw the opening outfits this year.

The Ralph Lauren opening ceremony outfits did not go over well with fans of the Olympics, who found them stuffy and pretentious.

So, did the closing ceremony outfits for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics do any better? Actually….yeah.

People Seem to Like the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Closing Outfits Better

It turns out that the more casual, modern, and sporty look is the way to go. The US outfits in the closing ceremony are definitely hitting a better note with viewers at home.

“Really like the outfits of TEAM USA” one person wrote.

Another person took it a step further, saying that the “Team USA closing ceremony outfits is so luxe and cute. I want everything”

For viewers, the less stuffy looking jackets felt far more modern and far less country club. Canada also wowed with some uniquely designed jean jackets, but they’ve definitely been more divisive. Both bring a more modern and athletic feel to it, though some compared the US outfits to space suits.

Hopefully for those that like the outfits, Ralph Lauren will take note of the feedback and make something new for the next games. With the 2020 Tokyo Olympics happening in 2021, there’s plenty to prepare for coming up quite soon.

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics Have Officially Come to a Close

Being that these are the closing ceremony outfits, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics are officially ending. While it’s sad news for sports fans, the good news is that because it’s an off-year thanks to the pandemic, you’ll have to wait a year less for the 2022 Winter Olympics.

The 2022 Winter Olympics will take place in Beijing and starts on Friday, February 4th. The next summer Olympics will take place in Paris in 2024. Ratings for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics were at an all-time low in the US, and hopefully, that’ll be different for the 2022 games coming up in February.

The 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games may have been delayed a year and lacked spectators, but the competition was still the best in the world. Team USA had some incredible moments this year. From Suni Lee taking home the gold and Simone Biles conquering a mental block to win bronze to the entire United States Team taking home the most gold medals for the seventh year in a row, US athletes came to give it their all.