2020 Tokyo Olympics: Photos of US Baseball Player Eddy Alvarez’s Motivational Quotes on His Cleats

by Leanne Stahulak

For star athlete Eddy Alvarez, family means everything. So, he brought them with him onto the baseball diamond at the Tokyo Olympics.

Team USA played its first baseball match against Israel today. Alvarez, who’s a minor-league player from Miami, Florida, made quite the impression with his footwear choice. His red, white, and blue Nike cleats had a little something special inscribed on them. Team USA posted some close-up photos of the shoes on Twitter.

“For the love of the game,” Team USA wrote with a heart emoji. “@eddyalvarez90 wrote the things that motivate him the most on his cleats. #TokyoOlympics.”

The light silver inscription seems to include several family members’ names. Miami also made it onto the Cuban-American’s shoes. But succeeding for his family’s sake isn’t the only thing motivating Alvarez out on the diamond.

Eddy Alvarez Talks Previous Olympics Experience

According to MLB’s website, Eddy Alvarez is one of only 11 Americans to compete in both the Summer and Winter Olympics. Aside from playing baseball, Alvarez also grew up learning how to speed skate. And in the 2014 Sochi Olympics, he managed to snag a silver medal in the 5,000-meter short-track speed skating relay.

Last week, Alvarez told the Miami Herald how he’s hoping to become just the sixth Olympian to medal in both the Summer and Winter Games. After seven long years, he’s ready to test his baseball skills on the international stage at the Tokyo Olympics.

“It’s starting to feel real now,” Alvarez said. “For a while, it felt surreal. It’s just great to put this uniform back on. It feels like home.”

Despite the long wait, Alvarez and Team USA did not disappoint. At today’s match against Israel, they swept the opposing team 8-1. Alvarez himself secured the first run with an RBI double, eventually stepping on home plate himself when Tyler Austin hit a homerun.

Tomorrow the U.S. baseball team plays the Republic of Korea at the Tokyo Olympics. The gold medal match won’t be until next week, on August 7.

Today’s win helped start Alvarez on the path towards gold medal victory. After losing the gold in Sochi by less than three-tenths of a second, he’s ready for his comeback.

“When you’re so close to winning and you have to stand on the podium and listen to someone else’s anthem, it leaves just a little bit of that bittersweet feeling,” Alvarez said. “This trip is like a second chance. I’m going with this to absolutely leave it on the field.”

“My personal goal is to go off,” Alvarez continued. “I’m gonna do everything in my power to win games and I know all the other guys around me are in the same boat. Whatever it takes.”

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