2020 Tokyo Olympics: See Caeleb Dressel’s Best Pics Showing Off His Love for the Great Outdoors

by Samantha Whidden

Besides preparing (and successfully) dominating in the water at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Team USA swimmer Caeleb Dressel loves showing off his keen interest in the great outdoors.

“Comfortably lost somewhere in Florida,” the 2020 Tokyo Olympics gold medalist posts on Instagram with a series of pics during his adventure in Florida’s Ocala National Forest on May 1st. Also in the post, Dressel states why he drives a manual instead of a stick shift. “98% so I can tell people I drive a manual. 1% if I wanna redline her in 1st I want to have that option. 1% so I can make fun of all the people that they remember how to drive stick when grandma taught them years and then absolutely expose them.”

In an April 2021 post, The Olympian was seen hanging out with his dog while in Lochloosa, Florida. “Lochloosa today, where to next?”

In February 2021, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics participant was seen enjoying some downtime by fishing in Jacksonville, Florida. “Big thanks to @fishhunter for getting the boys out on the water,” Dressel captions the post. He also points out that he and his crew were able to take home a “beautiful” red, and some Sheepshead and Trout. “I can’t take credit for any of the sheep that was all capital @benfken and his crew.”

2020 Tokyo Olympics’ Gold Medalist Dressel Reveals Natural Inspired Tattoos 

According to Parade, Dressel previously revealed that some of his tattoos show off his love for the great outdoors as well as his home state, Florida. His left arm notably includes images of orange blossoms and oranges, magnolias, a bald eagle, a bear, and an alligator. All images represent the Sunshine State.

During a recent video on Instagram, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics athlete also reveals who encouraged him to get the tattoo sleeve. “You can blame my brother for pretty much all the tattoos I have,” Dressel declares. He also says at around 19 or 20, his brother started a full sleeve. 

Dressel further explains, “I saw how cool it looked, how it was art. I look up to my big brother a lot. So of course I wanted to copy him.”

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics participant also says that the gator was actually the first piece of the sleeve. “Growing up in Florida, my whole life and then going to the University of Florida, the Gators made a lot of sense. I knew there was going to have to be water in the sleeve at some point.

Dressel then says he did a black bear, which is a native animal to Florida, because it’s his favorite animal. In regards to his American flag tattoos, Dressel said he wanted to move around the inside piece to match the flags up with his Olympic Rings tattoo on his right arm. “And then the eagle on top, all the pieces tied together. And they represent me as a person. I love being outside. I love nature and [the tattoos] look really sweet.”