2020 Tokyo Olympics: Sprinter Says His Mullet Is the Secret To Success

by John Jamison

Like Samson, the biblical warrior of old, Australian sprinter Rohan Browning derives his strength from a glorious head of hair. Unlike Samson, Rohan competed at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. And not only does he credit his blazing speed on the track to his stylish mullet, but he also bears a passing resemblance to movie star Zac Efron.

With all that he has going for him, there’s no way he could lose, right? Well, he did turn in a scorching 10.01 second run on the 100-meter to secure first place in his qualifying heat. But he didn’t move on to compete for a medal. And while Rohan may not have won on the track, he undoubtedly won the hearts and minds of his spectators with his festive locks.

The Australian sprinter’s mullet isn’t merely a fashion statement, however. It truly does serve a purpose in the world of what he calls a “typical alpha male event.” It’s all part of the mind games that sprinters play before they settle in on their marks. Rohan counted on the hairstyle keeping his competition guessing at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

“There is always a lot of posturing, a lot of staring down in the cool room. I think that’s why, for me, having this semi-stupid haircut is almost like a bit of an advantage. People might look at you and not know what to think. Definitely helps to break that mould,” Browning told 7 News.

Not Everyone is Crazy About Rohan Browning’s Hair

Delightful as the Aussie sprinter’s haircut has been for those watching the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and social media users, there’s a special someone who doesn’t necessarily approve of the cut.

“It was just something that developed over time and then I trimmed the sides and grew the back, then I trimmed the sides again and didn’t trim the back. Then I trimmed the sides again and my girlfriend got a bit more irritated. I think I’ve got no choice but to keep it now,” Browning continued in the interview.

The situation Browning has created as a result of his mullet may very well be his girlfriend’s worst nightmare. The hairstyle that got her “irritated” has become Rohan’s iconic look overnight. And the attention has literally gone to his head. Good luck convincing him to part with the mullet now.

The Australian Sprinter’s Performance at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Browning’s hair, and sure, his years of training, resulted in a pretty impressive showing at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

He earned himself a spot in the semi-finals before getting bested by the rest of the field.

“I think I had a better run in me than 10.09 but I gave the field too much ground early on and you can’t do that in the semi-finals of the Olympic Games. Sometimes you nail it, sometimes you don’t, that’s championship racing,” Browning said.