2020 Tokyo Olympics: Track Athletes Run Nearly Perfectly in Sync in Mesmerizing Video

by Shelby Scott

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics has seen a multitude of incredible feats and comebacks so far. However, nothing yet compares to the synchrony with which these two runners are seen moving below. The official Twitter page for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics shared the video with little specifics. Regardless, we can’t stop watching this video loop. Check it out below.

While the women clearly weren’t trying to accomplish the feat, it does make you wonder the speed at which they were running. It also makes viewers wonder how little their difference in speed was. Obviously, it was minimal enough to allow this mesmerizing kind of phenomenon to happen during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

As the video plays, we softly hear the slap of the runners’ sneakers on the track. More clearly is the voice of the announcer. However, it all sort of fades to the background as the pair comes front and center in the camera. That’s when their movements really sync up. The four-second mark is amazing because if you pause, the women’s upper bodies stop in a way that hides the background runner. Her leg is the only thing to suggest there are in fact two bodies in motion.

If you continue to play and pause the video you can watch certain parts of the runners’ legs stop in the same spot. Thier body parts frequently pause in the same motion at the same angle. The video overall is incredible. The pair’s pumping legs are very reminiscent of gears in a machine forever spinning in one particular pattern and direction.

Runners Aren’t the Only Ones Shaking Things Up at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

While the synchronized runners are definitely mesmerizing and worthy of a retweet, it doesn’t compare in humor to one of the incidents that occurred on Tuesday’s events at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

During the open water swim in Odaiba Marine Park, fans and commentators alike were briefly distracted by the most unlikely of Olypmic participants. One commentator is recorded talking about a strategy used by one of the swimmers when his attention is directed to a flying fish ahead of the line of swimmers.

“LOOK AT THE FISH,” he says, in the most enthusiastic and least-Olympically-centric of ways. Followers to the post also shared their funny moments from home. One Twitter user commented, “my wife yelled the same thing.” In this way, I think we are all reminded of the little things that make us truly human. Another jokingly commented, “You’re looking at the next gold medalist in Japanese fish jumping.”

And as if that oddity wasn’t enough, the Ibaraki prefecture of Japan experienced a 6.0 earthquake about 25 miles deep off the coast of the country. According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, the quake wasn’t strong enough to induce threats of a tsunami. However, attendants at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics said they did feel the earthquake around 5:30 a.m. local time. “Interestingly, my crew three floors below me felt nothing,” stated NBC Anchor Lestor Holt.

It seems there are lots of interesting things taking place during the Olympic Games this year, so if we come upon anything else noteworthy, we’ll be sure to keep you updated.