2020 Tokyo Olympics: US Opening Ceremony Outfits Include Wearable Technology From Ralph Lauren

by Quentin Blount

What better way to arrive in style at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics than by the entire United States team showing up in a Ralph Lauren blazer?

Despite being delayed until now, the Summer 2020 Tokyo Olympics is officially here. And for those who don’t know, famous designer Ralph Lauren was in charge of designing the official Team USA uniforms once again. And they definitely live up to the typical Ralph Lauren standards.

It’s not extremely well known, but Ralph Lauren has actually been in charge of designing the United States Team gear since 2008. And as they usually do, this year’s version showcases the classic, preppy Ralph Lauren aesthetic. Featured as part of Team USA’s opening ceremony uniforms is a traditional navy blue blazer with Lauren’s signature polo logo and a Team USA patch to go along with it. Underneath the blazer is a navy and white striped shirt, and a stars-and-stripes neck scarf.

But the new outfit is much more than just high in style. It’s also high in functionality. The team’s official jackets include a new technology that helps regulate the person’s body temperature. The brand’s Chief Branding and Innovation Officer and Vice Chairman of the board, David Lauren, explained as much in an official statement.

“Through the Olympic and Paralympic Games, Ralph Lauren celebrates America’s pioneering spirit and tradition, while embracing modernity and innovation,” Lauren said. “And it is with that ethos in mind that we approached the development of the RL COOLING technology.”

It was the summer heat in Japan that led to the development of Team USA’s new look.

“Recognizing Tokyo’s summer heat, we sought to develop a solution for Team USA that fuses fashion and function — allowing them to look and feel their best on one of the world’s biggest stages.”

Ralph Lauren Shows Off New 2020 Tokyo Olympics Look on Social Media

So, you have got a designer as fresh as Ralph Lauren. And you have a stage as big as the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. It only makes sense that users on social media are talking about Team USA’s new look. The official Polo Ralph Lauren Instagram account posted a quick video this morning showcasing some of their new Olympic uniforms.

“#PoloRalphLauren is proud to be an Official Outfitter of #TeamUSA for the seventh consecutive Games,” the popular designer said. “Today, July 23, 2021, we celebrate the Team USA athletes as they begin their #TokyoOlympics journey with the official #OpeningCeremony.”

Of course, the above video features images of some of the USA’s best athletes. The likes of Sakura Kokumai, Ashley Johnson, Daryl Homer, and Connor Fields all can be seen. It also includes a voiceover of some of them talking about the opportunity to compete in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

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