2020 Tokyo Olympics Viewers Outraged at Amount of Commercials During Coverage

by Quentin Blount

It is safe to say that fans who tuned in to NBC to watch the 2020 Tokyo Olympics haven’t been happy with the number of commercials.

As a matter of fact, “haven’t been happy” is probably an understatement. More like fans have been royally ticked off. Many of them have taken to social media to voice their outrage over not being able to watch the world games in peace.

He’s not wrong after all. But fans should have seen this coming. It was no secret that advertisers had plans to interrupt the Olympics with their commercials. As for Comcast, well, it’s almost as if the Olympics was interrupting their continuous footage of commercials. One fan summed up that sentiment perfectly in a recent tweet.

“It is nice to see the commercials on NBC interrupted by an occasional Olympic event,” they wrote.

Comcast Had Plans to Include Footage from the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in Their Commercials

Imagine this — you are watching the Olympics and all of a sudden a commercial popped up with footage from the games you just watched a couple of hours beforehand. It may sound redundant, but that’s exactly what Comcast had planned out for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

For example, the media giant ran an advertisement on Friday night that included footage from the opening ceremonies. Those took place on Friday morning — well before the commercial hit the air. The ad included snaps of Team USA entering the venue for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Similarly, one of the ads that ran on Saturday was centered all around the idea of sportsmanship. As such, Comcast featured a clip of one of the Olympic athletes being kind to other competitors just hours beforehand. The senior vice president of brand marketing for Comcast, Todd Arata, explained the idea behind their real-time strategy.

“This makes the viewer feel like, ‘How did that just happen? I literally just watched that,'” Arata explained.

Nonetheless, fans have still been upset that there have been so many commercials. That goes for whether they included footage from the 2020 Tokyo Olympics or not.

“NBC is making up for lost time by airing 2 Olympics’ worth of commercials,” a Twitter user added.

Another Olympics fan was disappointed as well. In their honest estimation, they say that they watched more commercials than they did in actual competition.

“I’ve watched the Olympics since for three hours tonight and I think I’ve seen 1 hour of the actual competition and 2 hours of commercials.”

We’ll have to wait and see if Comcast shares information regarding how successful their Olympic advertisements have been. But one thing is for certain: at least on paper, fans have not been happy.