2020 Tokyo Olympics: Volleyball Players Slam Heads in Scary Incident

by Shelby Scott

There have been a lot of interesting and newsworthy events and injuries during this year’s 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. Today, two players from the Turkish women’s volleyball team just became a part of that running list. According to Fox News, a pair of Turkish volleyball players collided with each other headfirst while they both attempted to return the ball.

The video below shows the awful moment where the two women collide and collapse to the floor. The Russian team had just served the ball to the Turkish side. If viewers watch closely, one of the team members actually managed to save the ball prior to running into her teammate. They’re then surrounded by concerned teammates once they realize what happened.

The accident occurred Monday during a Pool B matchup between the Turkish and Russian volleyball teams. The Turkish players involved in the crash were Cansu Osbay and Meliha Ismailoglu. Osbay’s mouth bled from the collision, but she and Ismailoglu both received medical attention and soon recovered. The pair of teammates returned to the match to help lead Turkey to a 3-2 victory over the Russian team.

According to The Spun, an offshoot of Sports Illustrated, “The Turkey women’s volleyball team…served as an inspiration to the entire country” through their display of grit and determination.

The Turkish Women’s Volleyball Team is Receiving ‘Bad News From Home’ During the 2020 Olympics

Turkey, like the western region of the United States, is experiencing massive forest fires as the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games continue. Following their latest victory, the Turkish Women’s Volleyball Team expressed their hope that they could bring smiles and feelings of pride to their home country during such a difficult time.

The volleyball team’s captain, Eda Erdem Dunbar, told Hurriyet Daily News that they “have been receiving bad news from [their] country for days.”

She continued, stating the team’s minds and hearts are with the people at home fighting the fires. She further said that they hope, in pursuing further victories, they can bring plenty of smiles to Turkish citizens. “God bless everyone fighting the fires,” Dunbar said.

One CNN article detailed how Turkish citizens are frantic as they face “apocalyptic” scenes resulting from the forest fires. “The animals are on fire,” 56-year-old Muzeyyan Kacar told the news outlet. “Everything is going to burn. Our land, our animals and our house. What else do we have anyway?” she said.

The article further stated that eight people have died in over the 100 blazes that have ignited throughout the country. Like the fires roaring across the western US, the fires were ignited by “scorching summer temperatures and conditions that experts say have been worsened by climate change.”