2020 Tokyo Olympics: Watch Badminton Olympian Completely Collapse in Epic Celebration of Win

by Anna Dunn

For many, one of the best parts of watching The Olympics is seeing people get to achieve their lifelong dreams. There’s certainly been some incredible moments so far in the Tokyo Olympics, but this Badminton player’s celebration is one of the best.

Guatemalan player Kevin Cordón fell to the ground in pure joy after winning his recent badminton match. That match will advance him further on in the game. NBC Sports tweeted out a video of Cordón.

“Pure. Emotion. This reaction from Guatemala’s Kevin Cordon after winning his badminton match is everything that we love about the #TokyoOlympics,” the network wrote.

Many have noted that it’s moments like these that make The Olympics so special, watching people from all over the world dedicate their lives to a sport, only for it to come together in one incredible moment.

The 2021 Olympics Have Had Other Incredible Moments of Celebration

Another prized moment thus far has been with Tunisian swimmer Ahmed Hafnaoui. The swimmer, who ranked last going into the 400 men’s freestyle race, shocked the world when he took home gold. His chances of winning were only 50/1.

In an incredible moment Hafnaoui absolutely lost it when he won, and so did his family back home. In fact, they were screaming with pride in Hafnaoui from the moment he began.

Hafnaoui later dedicated his medal to his family, who clearly had his back.

“To all my family, my mum, my dad, my sisters, I wish they are proud of me,” he said.

In a completely different sport, one weightlifter from the Philippines made history. Women’s weightlifting champ Hidilyn Diaz won the Phillippines their first-ever gold medal, doing her entire country proud.

Over in Gymnastics, one of the best moments didn’t come from a win, but when gymnast Jordan Chiles became teary-eyed after realizing Michelle Obama tweeted her support for her and her team. The former first lady tweeted out her support for the team after Simone Biles dropped out of the teams competition to take care of her mental health and the team went on to get the silver.

“Am I good enough? Yes, I am. The mantra I practice daily. @Simon_Biles, we are proud of you and we are rooting for you. Congratulations to the silver media, Team @USA!” She wrote. Jordan expressed how honored she was in an interview.

With more record-breaking wins and touching moments sure to come, you don’t want to miss The 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Sadly, many fans have decided not to join in on the fun, because ratings are down this year. However, there are plenty of ways to watch. You can catch the Olympics basically any time on NBC. You can also find the Games on the NBC Sports app or on NBColympics.com.